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      The subtasks below the Summary task are not adding to the correct Duration total. It is Auto Schedule. Under Options, the “Calculate project after each edit” is ON. Indentations are correct. Under Advanced Tab, it is Fixed Duration. I appreciate your help on this issue. Thanks.

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Can you provide more detail on what you mean by not adding up to the correct duration? You might want to check for manually scheduled tasks (especially the summary task). Hope that helps…

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      Our group has found three causes for summary tasks being out of sync with their detailed tasks.
      1) The summary task itself is set to manually scheduled. When manually scheduled, the summary task will not automatically update to reflect the detailed tasks below it.
      2) The Schedule Option: Updating Task Status Updates Resource Status is not checked. When not checked, the task and resource assignment information can be out of sync…which could then cause the summary task to not reflect correct information.
      3) The summary task itself has predecessor/successor relationships. When a predecessor/successor relationship is assigned to a summary task directly, it can impact when the summary task itself can start/finish…which could be different than the detailed tasks below it.

      Hope that helps

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      I have a different summary task roll up issue. I have a set of tasks on level 4, that I don’t want to roll up. I have the level 3 summary task set to roll up to the level 2 summary task. Level 2 is also set to roll up. But nothing rolls up to level 2, unless I mark at least on level 4 task to roll up as well. Then all level 3 summaries roll up correctly. I can’t figure out why.

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      I decided to try in a different schedule and have the same result. It seems like in order for summary tasks to roll up from one level to another on the Gantt chart, at least one task on the lowest level has to roll up as well. Otherwise no bars show up at all. Is there a setting for that? Or is it a bar format issue?

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      I’d like to think this a Bar formatting issue and most likely a flag has been used to define Summary Task bar and this flag has been applied to some summary tasks and not others.

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      Yes, there is something strange happening with flags or the steps in which I’m entering the tasks. Sometimes I have this issue, and sometimes not. I need to dig a little more to figure out what causes it.

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