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      Anthony Wierzbicki

      I have a comment/question about the behavior of this sync capability and was wondering if anyone else has encountered it. I have a list set up in SP 2010 with the following columns in this order: Type, Task Name, Actual Start, Actual Finish, Start Date, Due Date and % Complete. My file in Project 2013 also has the same columns. A curious dialogue box appears after I map the fields in Project indicating information in the Actual Start column will be controlled by the value in the Start Date column. This is exactly what happens when I enter an Actual Start date in SP and sync with Project, even if the actual start is something than the projected start date. This defeats the purpose of having an actual start date altogether. What’s even more frustrating is when you refresh the page in SP, the actual start date you entered previously defaults back to the start date in Project. Has anyone ever encountered this behavior and is there a work around so the actual start date entered doesn’t get overridden? Thanks for reading and if anyone needs further clarification, I’ll add screen shots if someone tells me how I can add them in this forum. Thanks, Tony

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