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      Does anyone have or can write a VBA code for the below?

      Select an active task in the project then run a macro which will give a dialog box which lists the predecessors and successors to that task but also includes the starts and finish date of each predecessor and successor? Pretty much just a pop up that displays the “Task Detail Form” when you choose the pred & successor option, but include the start and finish dates? I know there is the task inspector option but this only includes the driving tasks. Also could the feature allow you to click either the pred or successor and it would automatically take you to that line item and the box would then show the new preds and successors for that task?

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      Jeff Heath

      Take a look at Project Widgets. They can create a custom widget for you if they don’t have what you need.

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      Thomas Boyle

      John, the task Logic Inspector in BPC Logic Filter probably fits the bill, though it might be more than you are looking for. (Full disclosure: I helped develop it.) Good luck, tom

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