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      Danny O’Keefe

      Hi All,

      I’m struggling to understand why my duration is calculating 5 days when the work is 40 hours over 4, 10 hour days.

      I have set up a ‘Weekend Working’ calendar and the work week is set to Sat-Sun only 08:00-18:00 (10 hour days)
      I have applied this calendar to the task in the advanced tab of task information
      I have set it to fixed duration, effort driven.

      and when I enter 40 hours it calculates it as 5 days rather than 10 hours on each day (4 days)

      Think I might be missing something? Any help is greatly appreciated!


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      Avatar photoDaryl Deffler

      See if this link helps.

      A few additional thoughts, assuming the subcontractor tasks is the issue
      * Your sub-contractor task has a start date of February 11 2019 and a finish 8 months later of October 11, 2019. This hints that Project may think your task has an erroneous actual start back in February. I ran into this bug many times and while there were a myriad of bizarre ways to get Project to fix this, the easiest way was often to create a new task and remove the old one assuming no actual hours had been posted yet. If project thinks there was work way back on 2/11, that could be part of the problem.
      * As indicated in the link, When you set a fixed duration, that becomes the duration, regardless of the needed hours/days. Try changing the task type to Fixed Units so that project will calc duration.
      * Try adding the time value to the date field display. Sometimes Project will overrun your expected duration by a matter of minutes, causing the duration to look longer. For example, instead of the task finishing on Monday 5:00 PM, it is finishing on Tuesday at 8:03 AM.

      Hope that helps

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      Thomas Boyle

      I’m sure Daryl’s link covers it, but why don’t you just change your Hours per day (in Schedule Options) from 8 to 10?

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      DAnny O’Keefe


      Thank you very much for taking the time to respond. Thanks Daryl for sharing your comments and the link which I’ve found very useful in understand projects algorithms for future reference.

      In the end I did, as Thomas said and the article explains, change the hours per day in the schedule options.. it fixed the issue and I tried entering some other tasks that are associated with an 8 hour working day calendar and it split the hours accordingly over the relevant days, which I was expecting it to muck up now the hours in the day are 10 rather than 8!

      Hope that makes sense and thanks again.


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