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      As example :Project server, enterprise work resource , logistics function , called John S , with corporate account email associated to it
      In our company Logistic function ( As well as project manager) de facto is cost resource, not measured by hours.
      In project planing there are tasks dedicated to Order, Delivery and other activities associated to logistic.
      Those tasks main attributes are “start”, “finish”, “Resource” responsible for this activity.
      This should be auto scheduled task, as it has predecessor and successor
      Delivery date (“finish date”) of those tasks has tendency to frequent change in real world.
      Solution I am looking for:
      Auto schedules task with no work ( for logistics activities tasks hours not accumulated in project work hours)
      Enterprise resource with account ( email, notifications, login ). Having Cost Enterprise recourse would be a perfect solution from project plan perspective, but Enterprise cost recourse cannot be associated with email account and has no “default assignment owner” attribute as well.
      Any ideas ?

      Enterprise resource in project server with email

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Kastytis, I can provide a couple of simple ideas as a start. (1) have you tried using fixed duration tasks and entering your work resource with 0 hours? (2) if all you are trying to do is to assign the resource responsible for the activity, you could try using a task custom field and assigning the resource there. Granted it does not roll up to the resource over all his/her tasks but that depends on how you are using Project Server. Thoughts?

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