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      John Murphy

      I will be activating Time Tracking my PROD instance where I have Project Server security mode in use. There is only ONE team who will be tracking time. I plan to keep project progress to be based on % Complete and NOT time entered.

      1-What happens if your switch from Task level tracking to project level tracking (and vice versa) after you start tracking time?
      2-Can I hide the Timesheet in the quick launch from other teams?
      3-Is there a cookbook list of steps to setup TimeTracking in Project Server mode?


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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Some big questions there John. Not sure what you mean by switching from project level to task level, but think of the timesheet as a separate time tracking. Whether you add to the project or tasks will come through in the timesheet, but only tasks will transfer to the project schedule (which from what you are saying you aren’t doing that). I’m not sure if you can hide the link. You’ll need to restrict the timesheet from someone and see what happens (sorry, best I can tell you without testing myself). As for a cookbook, I don’t really know of any. There are a lot of version of time tracking and all depends on the requirements and level of maturity. The magic check boxes are very important when it comes to all that. It sounds like you are having only some people use the timesheet, but are not synching it to the task sheet for those users. That is a scenario that can work if done right. Sorry I didn’t give you all that you were looking for but I hope it helps.

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      John Murphy

      Larry ,

      Thanks for the answers … I will do some testing to check whether I can hide the Timesheet quick launch choide.


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