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      Hi All,
      I have a project that I’m managing as a fixed work. Resource availability varies daily as we share our project team with ops. Once I enter the work for each subtask, I notice that the sum of all the work in the under a summary doesn’t match the total of work listed for the summary. Is this normal?


      Deploy to Val 81 hrs
      Submit Request for Data Export & Import for Val Lynn 1 hr
      Migrate VAL Schema Generic DBA – Oracle 1 hr
      Execute Val IQ George 1 hr
      OQ or Smoke Tests – Test Execution Generic Tester 40 hrs
      System Test Package – Test Lead Approval Test Lead 2 hrs
      System Test Package – Compliance Approval Compliance 8 hrs
      Execute PQ (UAT) in Val Generic Customer 16 hrs

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      Larry Christofaro

      Mark, it’s hard to tell with what you show because it isn’t an actual Project view. First thing to check is, do you have anyone assigned to the summary task?

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      Hi Larry,
      I have no one assigned to the summary. I just created a brand new project file, and listed three tasks under a summary. The tasks total 6 hours… but the summary shows 0. I’m starting to believe I have an issue with my install of project.


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      Okay… I feel stupid. I had somehow, accidentally, turned auto-calc off.
      Thanks a bunch…

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      Larry Christofaro

      No worries, glad it’s working…!

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