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      Maurilio Rossi

      Dear All,
      I am kind of a novice here.
      I have this issue with Ms Project since weeks now, and did not find any solution so far.
      When I create a task, and I give this task a duration, and link it to a predecessor (let’s say a milestone), I want to be able to extend automatically the task I created if I happen to move the milestone. What instead is happening is that, using the right constraints, I have been able only to MOVE the task, and not just extend it (in some cases is ok, in some others is not reality and task should extend).
      I have a schedule with 200 tasks, and each approx. 40 tasks are linked to one milestone. If I move the milestone, the dependant task should Extend and not move. Is there a setting in Ms Project I can choose where I must only to move the milestone and the dependant tasks are extended if I chose the extension, and moved If I chose to move it?

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      Avatar photoSai Prasad
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      When the task is delayed/extended, Project will only adjust the start date of its successor; assuming it is FS dependency. But you want the duration of the 40 tasks to expand/reduce when you move the linked milestone is moved which is not possible.

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