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      Jennifer G

      Hi everyone! I am not currently a Project user, but I am looking for an online tool to help me manage manuscripts (for papers to be submitted to medical journals) that I am tracking through all stages of development. At any given time, I have between 15-30 different manuscripts, each with a different team of 3-6 authors, that I need to track as we collaborate to edit, submit, communicate with journal editors, etc.

      I am wondering if Project would fit my needs. Any feedback would be appreciated.

      Thank you!

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      Hi Jennifer,
      I think project could work, but so could Excel, or Access. I ould think that project would be a fun way to track your manuscript phases. Resource utilization and associated time estimates will be fun. If you use project properly the tool will provide value.

      Question 1:
      Will each manuscript represent a separate project?

      Question 2:
      How did you plan to use MSP online?

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