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      I’m working with MSP for a while. I have a question:
      I found it non comfortable, when trying to understand what are the critical paths for a milestone, examine all the critical paths and move tasks between engineers to resolve the issues.
      For example:
      Project has 15 engineers. 6 of them are the critical path, and I want to easily move tasks from those 6 to others.
      What I need is a smart visual view. changing data within that view will change the “actual data”.
      In this view each task will look like a rectangle in different color. The longer the duration of a task, the longer the rectangle.
      User can shorten the rectangle, enlarge it, and move it to other engineer. “playing” with this visual rectangles will immediately change the actual, original data.

      Is there such view? If no, is it possible to create such?

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      Larry Christofaro

      Ido, the O365 version of Project (Project for Office 365) has a Task Board that gives you a lot of what you are asking. It is an agile type of solution with drag and drop tasks. That in combination with the Task Board Sheet for durations can provide a pretty good visual. Unfortunately this is the only version of Project that provides these features. Hope this helps…

Viewing 1 reply thread
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