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      Emma Gibney

      I’m trying to make a report similar to the resource usage view twhere the expected work of each person on each assignment is tracked by week. I’ve edited the Earned Value Over Time from the Visual Reports in order to get Weekly Calendar as one of the options so I could track based on time on my pivot table. The Weekly Calendar is broken down into year, quarter, and week number. Is there a way to make the week number (1-52) into actual dates?

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      Since the data has been exported to Excel, can you add a column and calculate a week date doing math with dates? Take the year starting week’s date and add 7 times the week number. For example, our starting week date for 2016 was 1/2/16. Therefore the formula on each week would be 1/2/2016 + (7 * (weeknumbercell – 1)). So our week 5 would be 1/2/16 +(7*(5-1)) or 1/2/16 +28 days or 1/30/16.

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