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      MPUG Community:

      We are soliciting your input and are planning to hold focus groups around the topic of Project 4 Web.

      If you could change anything about Project 4 Web, what would it be? And why?

      If you can tell us anything you specifically love about Project 4 Web – and why – we would love that too!

      If you would like to be part of a focus group or to provide 1:1 feedback, email us at info@mpug.com and we will get back to you.

      MPUG cares about this community and wants to hear your voices!

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      I like the simplicity of Project 4 Web (P4W). MS Project has a lot of great features, but when trying to introduce a new user to MS Project, those features and settings can be very overwhelming. P4W is also great for collaboration; if another PM is on vacation I can step in, and my portfolio manager can review timelines without asking me.

      The three areas of improvement for me are:
      1. The limited dependency types – I believe P4W only has “FS” right now, but I’d love to see that expanded, and if possible, include the ability to do dependency +/- days (ex., FS-5).
      2. Line limits – I tried creating a program plan using P4W and found out that the project plans cap out at 500 rows.
      3. Reporting capabilities – as a solution to #2, I ended up creating eight separate plans (“subprojects” with no master), and now I have to export them all to Excel to do any reporting on them.

      Unfortunately my team chose to revert back to an Excel spreadsheet due to the issues/areas of improvement I listed. I would love to give P4W another shot. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback!

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      Hi Alision – thank you so much for the feedback.

      Great work around as well.

      We’ve heard of many teams that revert back to Excel due to issues/areas of improvement — which is why we are looking to understand the pain points and see if there is anything MPUG can do to fix them. If you think of anything else — or hear from any of your colleagues, be sure to let us know!

      Thanks again!
      Lexie @ mpug

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      – simplicity
      – power bi reporting capability

      Don’t like
      – time scale options way too limited
      – no ability to customize the view
      – no ability to use subprojects (road map does not work for this)
      – lack of dependency types
      – need a view that shows “my tasks” or something similar to Planner

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        Hi cbass1224 – Thank you so much for the reply, extremely helpful!

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