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      I’m looking at a task in my schedule which is considered critical by MSP Pro 2016 but I cannot see why. The task has two successors, neither of which are marked critical (though the Gantt arrows which lead to them are red) and neither of them have successors.

      Any hints?


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      Carlos Santos
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      Thomas Boyle

      Does the task inspector tell you anything about the task?

      MSP sets the Critical flag based on total slack (default: TS<=0 is Critical.) There are three main causes for what you describe:
      1. Traditionally most common: The critical-marked task has an unmet deadline or constraint.
      2. Least common: The task’s dates are controlled by assigned resources whose working calendars are not well aligned with the project calendar.
      3. New common: The incomplete task has an out-of-sequence successor; i.e. the successor has an actual start that violates the relationship. (I first wrote about this for MSP 2016, but it may have started with 2013.) Good luck, tom

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