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      Hi –

      I’m looking at Resource Usage and it appears that most tasks appear in triplicate, as if they the same task was assigned three times to the same person. Any ideas on why?


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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Carol, I do not have an answer based on the question as posted. If this is truly the case then it is some sort of bug. But, just some questions to try to figure out what might be happening:
      1. You know that these are truly the same task and not three tasks with the same attributes (description, work, etc.)
      2. If you select the task in Resource Usage and then select the Gantt chart, does it go to exactly the same task?
      3. Are you using a shared resource pool and might have accidently shared three versions of the same project
      4. Does this happen on every assignment in the schedule
      5. Does this happen on every schedule
      6. Has someone else tried to open your project and are they experiencing the same issue?

      Let me know if any of these could lead you in a direction on finding a resolution. Good luck and looking forward to a reply…

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      Hi Larry –

      Well… #3. I have several versions of the same schedule (back ups) sharing the pool. Unfortunately, I’ve deleted some of the versions now. Is there a way to disconnect the pool from deleted files? Thanks.

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      Hello again…

      By the way: I’m using MSP 2013 Standard with MS Server (too bad – they said we can’t buy it right now).

      Well I did my best to reconstruct the former file structure and disconnect all other pools from my current main file. It looks like it worked, in that only a single assignment is showing up now in both the pool and the main file. The multiples are gone.

      However, I noticed 2 things about unique IDs
      1. the resources unique IDs of the main file do not match the pool.
      2. the unique ID of the assignments in the pool is different from that in the main file. Is that normal? I suppose it might be since one file has no way of assigning a unique ID before being connected to another file by way of a pool. Correct?

      I’m also missing some resources in the main file that I have in the pool, I think resources I added to the pool after sharing the pool resources with the main file. I thought the main file was supposed to show all the pool resources, and I believe it did in the past.

      I wonder if I should reconstruct the pool in case the file got corrupted. If I decide to do that, is it best practice to have no resources in the main file and have them all in the pool? What about calendars?

      Thanks so much!


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      … meant to say “without MS Server or Project Server.”

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Hi Carole, sorry this took so long to reply (it’s been a crazy few days). Glad you solved your initial problems. Try this: Go to the Resource tab / Resource Pool / Share Resources. Make sure that the project is setup to Use resources From: , and Pool takes precedence. Let me know what you come up with. Thanks…Larry

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