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Get a Quick View of a Custom Field Formula

If you’re using Project 2010 or Project 2013, use the following subroutine to display the formula in a custom field:

‘ © Ismet Kocaman

Sub Show_Formula()
If Application.CustomFieldGetFormula(ActiveCell.FieldID) <> “” Then
MsgBox Title:=”Field: ” & ActiveCell.FieldName, Prompt:= _
MsgBox Title:=”Field: ” & ActiveCell.FieldName, Prompt:= _
“No Formula”
End If
End Sub

To add this subroutine to a project plan file, follow these steps:

1. Open a blank mpp file and save it with a new name, such as “ShowFormula.mpp”.
2. Click Alt-F11 to open Visual Basic Editor.
3. Click VBAProject(ShowFormula.mpp) on the left and open the Insert menu from the menu bar.
4. Click Module to insert a module.
5. Click Module1 (or the module inserted) on the left, and copy the subroutine above and paste it into the Module1 window on the right.
6. Close Visual Basic Editor.

To add a button for the subroutine to the Quick Access Toolbar, do this:

1. Click the File tab and select Options to display the Project Options dialog box.
2. Click the Quick Access Toolbar and select Macros in the Choose commands from drop-down.
3. Select ShowFormula.mpp|Show_Formula on the left and click Add in order to add ShowFormula.mpp|Show_Formula to the command list in the Customize Quick Access Toolbar box on the right.
4. Use Modify to select any icon that you like and enter a display name for the subroutine.
5. Click OK to close the Project Options dialog box.

Now the icon for the subroutine will appear on the toolbar. Click a custom field containing a formula and then click the button for the Show_Formula to see how it works.

Ismet Kocaman custom field quick view

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Written by Ismet Kocaman

Ismet Kocaman, MCTS, PMP, is a Mechanical Engineer and has more than 15 years of project management experience in the manufacturing sector. He currently provides consultancy to small to mid-sized companies on project management, reorganizing, and streamlining the manufacturing operations. He also conducts training seminars for engineers on MS Project. Contact Ismet at ikocaman.pm@gmail.com.

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