Integrating Products for Manufacturing Success

We found Microsoft’s recent publication, Modern Project Management for Manufacturing, to be an excellent read explaining how project management within the field of manufacturing can be streamlined with one connected platform. In this eBook, Microsoft addresses three pillars for success:

  • Collaboration made easy
  • Improved visibility and governance
  • Access to powerful insights

This is accomplished by an integration of multiple Microsoft products into one power platform. Schedules can be viewed in various formats and shared from within Teams. Data from Project is connected to various Power applications and integrated with Power BI.  

Microsoft Range of Products

Image from One Microsoft platform for manufacturing: Learn how to engage an entire ecosystem across work, project, and portfolio management.

We want to hear from you on this! Are you currently managing a manufacturing portfolio by merging various Microsoft applications with Project? How do you find the data flows? Do you need training for yourself or your team on these tools? Leave your feedback in the comments section and check out the resources MPUG is providing to manufacturing PMs and their teams today:

  • How to communicate project information with Power BI (the complete course)
  • Automate Microsoft Planner reporting using Microsoft Power Automate and Power BI (sign up today for parts 1 and 2)
  • Power BI Dashboards (includes Planner and Project Online) for business users and PMs (start the course here)
  • Agile Training Series by Tim Runcie PMP, MCP, MCTS, P-TSP, MVP (start course here)
  • Power Automate Flows webinar (click here to register/view)
  • Jira Panel Discussion (click here to register/view)
  • Effective project management wsing MS Teams webinar (click here to view)
  • Misconceptions about project management with Microsoft (click here to view the Panel + Q&A or start reading the articles)

Not yet a member? Not to worry—you can sign up for a free trial here. Enjoy over 800 hours of training content and courses on-demand. MPUG focuses on getting PM work done with the best of Microsoft and supporting apps.  You can also join the discussion live with new events and courses happening weekly. 

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