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Hundreds of On-Demand Training Webinars

Our on-demand training webinars cover all versions and topics of Microsoft Project and other PM applications. In addition to the full list of previously recorded webinars posted on our website, we’ve compiled a small sampling of great PMI® PDU eligible recordings for you to get started. Please claim the PDU code mentioned at the end of each recording. Submit to your MPUG history and receive a certificate of completion for each session.

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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

MPUG has TONS of helpful articles and tips to help you get work project done with Microsoft Project, SharePoint, and event Excel. Below are some of our most popular articles, but be sure to browse our entire archive for more resources!

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5 MPUG Best-read for the Year

1. 7 Incorrect Ways to Use Microsoft Project 

Part of a series highlighting common incorrect uses of Microsoft Project. The images are built using the Microsoft Project 2013 Pro edition, but this series can be useful for all versions.

2. What is Agile Project Management? 

“Agile Project Management” is describing the process of taking a traditional approach to delivery and modifying it to include techniques that produce some immediate results in a shorter period of time.

3. How to Choose the Best Scheduling Approach for Your Project 

Is there one approach that is objectively the best? Is there one that performs best in any project situation?

4. How to Pass Your PMP Exam in 30 Days 

Preparing for the PMP exam takes time. While I don’t typically advocate a fast approach, sometimes there are “legitimate” reasons that require you to sit for the exam that quickly.

5. Microsoft Project 2016 Preview: Multiple Timelines 

We often encounter project managers and stakeholders who need more customization to their timeline views. Before now it was impossible using the native project views and tools.


5 MPUG Favorites

1. Steven Squyres Doesn’t Mind Failure: An Interview with the Scientist behind the Mars Rovers

Steven Squyres and his team members worked for a decade to develop a proposal acceptable to NASA that would allow the space agency to put “roving geologists” on the surface of Mars.

2. Doing Good with Project Management

When Gary Chefetz moved to Coachella Valley, he sought to give back to his new community in a way that had a “much higher impact” than simply serving soup in a kitchen.

3. Stellar Performer: How the Gates Foundation Runs Its Enterprise PMO 

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, guided by the belief that every life has equal value, works with partners around the globe in the areas of health, education and poverty.

4. The Agile Project Manager: Agile Disciplines

When you hear the term, “agile,” remember that it’s comprised of many different frameworks and approaches that fundamentally support a more interactive model to prioritize and deliver features.

5. 3 Correct Ways to Do Great Scheduling with Microsoft Project 

Want to create great Microsoft Project schedules? Follow the three best practices I provide in this article. Next time, I’ll share three more best practices to avoid.


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MPUG Classics

1. The Project Communication Plan
The basics of keeping stakeholders informed about the project, including how to create your plan and choose the right communication methods.

2. Microsoft Project Baselining Best Practices
The baseline not only reflects the schedule agreed upon at the start of the project as well as any approved changes along the way, it also helps you identify variance in schedule, budget and resources.

3. Finally, Resource Leveling Explained
Resource leveling is the act of taking a resource-loaded schedule and making it so that those people don’t have to work overtime.

4. Creating an Agile Schedule with MS Project
It’s true. Microsoft Project can be used for managing agile projects. Here’s how one PM handles the job.




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Custom Templates


Project Pipeline Tracker – Excel Template

This Excel Template allows tracking projects and calculating effectiveness in completing them.

Microsoft Project Trade Show Exhibit Template

Microsoft Project trade show exhibit template created by EPMA

Creating an Agile Schedule with MS Project

An agile schedule and Microsoft Project template that was created by Vincent McGevna for his MPUG article Creating an Agile Schedule with MS Project.

Project Budget and Costs Template

A Project Budget and Costs Template which includes a helpful guide to walk you through the 4-step process. This template takes advantage of the powerful new Reports feature in Microsoft Project 2013. The zip contains a MS Project template file and a corresponding PDF guide.

SharePoint Project Office Deployment Plan Template

This is an approach to deploying project management on SharePoint in order that the solutions delivered be successful in the short and long term. The zip contains the MS Project template file and a PowerPoint slide deck detailing a deployment process.

Software Development Plan with uncertainty, parametrics, and status reporting.

This Microsoft Project plan template will help you manage your software development project. It is the Microsoft template, augmented by Oliver Gildersleeve as presented in the MPUG WebnLearn, “Parametric Estimating.” It includes high and low estimate and parametric estimating tables and formulas. The view, “Task Usage,” shows all attributes of a task. Status report views show executive milestones, tasks accomplished in the last two weeks, and tasks in flight over the next two weeks. Project’s Organizer enables you to copy these features to all your schedules.


Helpful Quick Reference Guides

Microsoft Project Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Project 2010 Desk Reference Guide

Customization Formula Guide

Collaborative Project Management Guide

Microsoft Project 2013 Quick Reference Guide

Microsoft Project 2016 Quick Reference Guide