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Hundreds of On-Demand Training Webinars

Our on-demand training webinars cover all versions and topics of Microsoft Project. In addition to the full list of previously recorded webinars posted on our website, we’ve compiled a small sampling of great PMI® PDU eligible recordings for you to get started. Please claim the PDU code mentioned at the end of each recording. Submit to your MPUG history and receive a certificate of completion for each session.

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Microsoft Project 2010 Essentials

    • Session 1: Getting Started with Project Management and MS Project
    • Session 2: Working Effectively with Microsoft Project and Resources
    • Session 3: Evaluating and Communicating with Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project 2013 Essentials and Project Online

  • Session 1: Getting Started with Project Management and the MS Toolset
  • Session 2: Use Project Like a Pro
  • Session 3: Welcome to Project Online – what, no MS Project!

Tips & Tricks

  • Learn from the MVP: Tips & Tricks with Project 2010/2013
  • What NOT to do in MS Project — Breaking Bad Habits
  • Microsoft Project Do’s and Don’ts


  • Scheduling with Microsoft Project: Session 1
  • Scheduling with Microsoft Project: Session 2
  • Scheduling with Microsoft Project: Session 3


  • Project Talk – Agile Projects with Project


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Hundreds of Hours of Recordings

Eligible for PMI® PDUs

On-Demand, When You Want



  • The Art of Reporting
  • Reporting with Project Online Demystified


  • Resource Workload Leveling
  • Understanding Generic Resources in MS Project


  • Exporting and Importing Data into Project, Excel and Outlook


  • Managing Projects with SharePoint and MS Project


  • Microsoft Project 2013 Certification: What You Need To Know



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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

MPUG has TONS of helpful articles and tips to help you get work project done with Microsoft Project, SharePoint, and event Excel. Below are some of our most popular articles, but be sure to browse our entire archive for more resources!

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5 MPUG Best-read for 2015

1. Create a Killer One-Page Status Report with Project & Visio
Learn how to create a straightforward report with summary-level tasks progress and variances.

2. Microsoft Project Do’s and Don’ts: Creating a Risk Assessment Dashboard
The first article in this popular four-part series shows you how to put together a tool to help you quantify and evaluate project risks.

3. Your Personal Assistant: Highlight Tasks Due this Week
Pick up a simple technique for highlighting the tasks you have due this week every time you open your project plan.

4. In Defense of Hard Constraints…
This trainer confesses: She uses “Must Finish On” constraints because they’re the only way she can always ensure an accurate Total Slack value in her projects. Here’s why and how.

5. A Proposal for an Automatic Indicator for Issues
Some issues don’t need executive attention; others definitely do. Here’s an approach for figuring out which are which.


5 MPUG Favorites

1. Project Statistics — The 30 Second Report
This fast and simple reporting option can transfer to the word processor of your choice to share with others.

2. Incorrect Ways to Use Microsoft Project: Too Much Detail in the Schedule
Taken from a seven-part series on what not to do with Microsoft Project, this article explains why too much detail can make your project a blur.

3. Resource Leveling Best Practices
The over-allocation of people in your project will become a distant bad habit if you follow these techniques.

4. A Simple Approach to Collaborative Project Management Using SharePoint
Syncing between Project 2013 and SharePoint 2013 lets you manage the project schedule in Microsoft Project and communicate and collaborate around that plan with your team in SharePoint.

5. Quick Trick: Attaching General Project Notes to the Project Summary Task
Who says the only way you can add notes is to an individual task?



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5 MPUG Classics

1. The Project Communication Plan
The basics of keeping stakeholders informed about the project, including how to create your plan and choose the right communication methods.

2. Microsoft Project Baselining Best Practices
The baseline not only reflects the schedule agreed upon at the start of the project as well as any approved changes along the way, it also helps you identify variance in schedule, budget and resources.

3. The Best Resource Workload Views in Microsoft Project 2010
Learn the basics for gauging how realistic your plan is.

4. Creating an Agile Schedule with MS Project
It’s true. Microsoft Project can be used for managing agile projects. Here’s how one PM handles the job.

5. Ask the Expert: Import Excel Data into Project — Tips & Troubleshooting
Tips on how to use the Microsoft Project 2010 and 2013 Import Wizard when tapping into data stored in Excel.


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Custom Templates


Creating an Agile Schedule with MS Project

An agile schedule and Microsoft Project template that was created by Vincent McGevna for his MPUG article Creating an Agile Schedule with MS Project.

Project Budget and Costs Template

A Project Budget and Costs Template which includes a helpful guide to walk you through the 4-step process. This template takes advantage of the powerful new Reports feature in Microsoft Project 2013. The zip contains a MS Project template file and a corresponding PDF guide.

SharePoint Project Office Deployment Plan Template

This is an approach to deploying project management on SharePoint in order that the solutions delivered be successful in the short and long term. The zip contains the MS Project template file and a PowerPoint slide deck detailing a deployment process.

Software Development Plan with uncertainty, parametrics, and status reporting.

This Microsoft Project plan template will help you manage your software development project. It is the Microsoft template, augmented by Oliver Gildersleeve as presented in the MPUG WebnLearn, “Parametric Estimating.” It includes high and low estimate and parametric estimating tables and formulas. The view, “Task Usage,” shows all attributes of a task. Status report views show executive milestones, tasks accomplished in the last two weeks, and tasks in flight over the next two weeks. Project’s Organizer enables you to copy these features to all your schedules.


Helpful Quick Reference Guides


Microsoft Project Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Project 2010 Desk Reference Guide

Customization Formula Guide

Collaborative Project Management Guide

Microsoft Project 2013 Quick Reference Guide

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