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Manage Projects on SharePoint 2013

Presentation Description

Technology can be a platform for building project management maturity. See an example of a complete project management framework integrated into SharePoint.

Eric Verzuh has merged his Fast Forward MBA in Project Management into SharePoint to make a powerful, practical way to manage projects.

Learning Objectives

  • During this event, students will learn…
  •  The most important factor to drive project management maturity.
  • Why SharePoint is easier to use than Excel for managing tasks.
  • How to reduce the time spent preparing status reports while you increase you Sponsors engagement.

Speaker Bio

Eric Verzuh is President of The Versatile Company, which provides project management training and consulting to thousands of professionals each year. His clients include major government agencies, small and large companies, and nonprofit organizations in such diverse industries as aerospace, health care, information technology, and education. Contact Eric at eric.verzuh@versatilecompany.com.