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“These videos are very valuable.”

“Great intro session on using SharePoint to track projects.”

“Informative and useful. I understand the use of SharePoint better.”

“Really enjoyable class. It was not rushed and therefore, instructions are clear and easy to follow.”

“This was an excellent opportunity to utilize SharePoint in an individualized reporting format for project-active people who have different information/status needs”

“I LOVED this class…what I needed to set up a template for our projects. The instructor was clear, walked us through the steps, and covered exactly what I needed to know for my job right now.”


The Training Package

  • $79 $19.99 gives you access to all 4 sessions for 90 days (75% off).
  • Earn up to 4 PMI® PDUs (3 technical, 1 strategic).
  • Watch at your convenience on-demand.
  • Get a downloadable transcript detailing your training history.
  • Earn a certificate of completion for each completed session.
  • Get full access to all MPUG content for 90-days (over 450 on-demand sessions and weekly, live webinars).


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More about this Course…

Training on technology accelerates learning and adoption. This series will teach your teams to manage projects on SharePoint.

Perform the most important project management activities using the out-of-the-box features of SharePoint. Learn how easy it can be to set up a project site that keeps your team informed and engaged.

SharePoint is designed as a platform for creating collaborative business applications. You’ll learn the SharePoint applications that already exist to help you manage the schedule, track issues and risks, and control critical project documentation, all while keeping your team updated with the latest project information.



Manage Projects Using SharePoint, Lesson 1


✔︎ The Vision: Top 5 PM activities to incorporate.
✔︎ The Foundation: Create a SharePoint sub-site.
✔︎ Add a schedule page
✔︎ Tips for practical schedule management.
✔︎ Connect your schedule to your Outlook.

✔︎ Earn 1 Technical PMI® PDU and a certificate of completion

Manage Projects Using SharePoint, Lesson 3

       ✔︎ Document collaboration is easy in SharePoint.
       ✔︎ Record useful status reports with minimum effort.
       ✔︎ Risk management for Stakeholders: The Stakeholder page.
       ✔︎ 6-point status agenda creates cadence of progress.
       ✔︎ Use alerts to promote collaboration.
       ✔︎ Earn 1 Strategic PMI® PDU and a certificate of completion



Manage Projects Using SharePoint, Lesson 2


✔︎ Why Risks and Issues Tame the Project.
✔︎ Add an Issues Page and tips for practical issue management.
✔︎ Add a Risk Page and tips for practical risk management.
✔︎ Earn 1 Technical PMI® PDU and a certificate of completion

Manage Projects Using SharePoint, Lesson 4


✔︎ Design a practical home page for your project.
✔︎ Create a summary view for your sponsor.
✔︎ Use a template to save time on your next project.
✔︎ Earn 1 Technical PMI® PDU and a certificate of completion



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