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  • bobc455 replied to the topic Hourly Progress? in the forum Discussion 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Well I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to show, but there is an option to include time in the date display. In my version of MS project:
    File ->
    Options ->
    General Tab ->
    Date Format (under the “Project View” section), select a format which includes time of day (in the format you’d like)

    -Bob C.

  • Are you looking to export the Gantt Chart? Or just the data?

    Data is relatively easy but the chart itself would probably need to be a screen shot of some kind.


    -Bob C.

  • bobc455 replied to the topic % Complete acting funny in the forum Discussion 6 months ago

    Hi Ashley!

    Yes it’s weird for sure, but even if I enter some % complete value directly (for example 62%), the % complete jumps to 100%. So when it says “You can enter percent complete” even when I do that it doesn’t function as I’d expect.

    Anyhow I’m just working around it, for my purposes either a task is complete or it isn’t so I’m just…[Read more]

  • For sure it is possible, although awkward. I have done this by copying the resource usage information into Excel (like Miles) then manipulating it with some formulas and graphs. As far as I know I could not do this in MS Project by itself.

    -Bob C.

  • Do you know how to use the Custom Fields? For example you can add a column “Duration1” and then create a formula.

  • Do you know how to export a project to Excel? This might be the easiest way to filter and sum these tasks.

  • Well I think there is a difference between minimizing the number of calendars and avoiding them altogether. They are there for a reason.

    Anyhow I’m glad you got your situation fixed but I don’t think it’s necessary to shy away from multiple calendars when there is a valid reason for using them.

    -Bob C.

  • Hey Mike –

    Have you tried using a different calendar for the weekend jobs?

    -Bob C.

  • bobc455 replied to the topic % Complete acting funny in the forum Discussion 11 months ago

    Hey Daryl-

    Oh wow! I’ve been using MS project almost 15 years now, and I always assumed that % complete was tied to actual work and not just duration. I’m sure it was happening to me before, but I’m in a new environment which is heavily R&D (and therefore heavily multitasking) so it’s probably more noticeable to me now.

    It seems the only other…[Read more]

  • bobc455 replied to the topic % Complete acting funny in the forum Discussion 11 months ago

    What confuses me is that the % complete values it seems to be using would be accurate if I had about 120 hours of work on the task (i.e. 100% for the 3 weeks duration). But since I only have 18 hours of work for the task, I would think that when I enter Actual Work = 9 hours it should mark the task 50% complete (or vice versa if I mark the task…[Read more]

  • bobc455 replied to the topic % Complete acting funny in the forum Discussion 11 months ago

    Hi John!

    No – the example task I’m working on is a 3-week task which started before Christmas and will probably be done the end of this week.


    -Bob C.

  • bobc455 started the topic % Complete acting funny in the forum Discussion 11 months ago

    Trying to figure out why my % complete is acting goofy.

    For example on a task with:
    Duration = 3w
    Work = 18h
    Constraint type = ASAP
    Predecessor task 100% complete
    Effort Driven = Yes
    Task Type = Fixed Duration

    I am getting the following % complete values:
    Actual work % complete
    6 Hours 5%
    9 Hours 8%
    16 Hours 13%
    18 Hours 100%

    The…[Read more]

  • bobc455 replied to the topic Multiday Tasks in the forum Discussion 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    Without knowing more context about your company and project(s)…

    I would probably (depending!!!) enter that as a single activity with 2-week duration. Then I would open the task details and enter the estimated number of hours of each resource. For instance for people who would be sitting in 4×2 hour meetings, I would show them consuming 8 hours…[Read more]

  • Larry, Jigs, and Eric-

    Just wanted to post a quick note of thanks! I did as Eric suggested and moved them all together, it worked perfectly. I didn’t have to break & re-create the links.

    -Bob C.

  • Ah, it sounds like you are using PWA? I’m sorry but I haven’t used that in a bunch of years so I can’t recall.

    In that particular structure at my previous employer, the work was contained on Work Orders so the EE manager didn’t really ever look at PWA. (As a side note: I don’t normally expect stakeholders to be fluent in MS project – they…[Read more]

  • Depends on the environment. For example I used to work at a place with 12 electrical engineers who reported to one manager. When I did my project schedules it didn’t matter who worked on the assignment – as long as somebody did. I left the assignment to each project up to the EE manager.

    For that resource pool I had 1050% availability (leaving…[Read more]

  • The first thing I always check when I see that is to look for tasks which have fractions of days. For example if a task is set for 1.5 days, it will start on Monday and finish on Tuesday, but the successor will also start on the Tuesday (12:00pm).

    If you format your dates to include times (i.e. Dec 14 2020 8:00am) like what Daryl said above, you…[Read more]

  • Nothing automatic, but I would do a lot of work with Summary Tasks and just hide a lot of the underlying activities which might not be important for your audience.

    Another possibility is to use some kind of filter (“Flag1” etc.) that says whether a task is important or not for your audience.

    -Bob C.

  • In this case I think it would help to know why you have to reduce the number of lines.

    Since each line represents a task, do you mean that you need to reduce the number of tasks? Or track activities with less granularity?

    I assume you aren’t talking about the lines on the Gantt chart (or network diagram etc.), you are talking about the quantity…[Read more]

  • I recently started at a new company. So far all of my .mpp files are on my own computer- and we all know what a bad plan that is.

    I would like to move to a company server, however most of my files are linked to a Resource .mpp file and from what I understand those links include the local path.

    How to I move my .mpp files to another directory and…[Read more]

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