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Eric Uyttewaal


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Eric is a thought leader on project, program, and portfolio management. He spends most of his time using software from Microsoft. He has authored seven well-known textbooks including ‘Forecasting Programs,’ 'Forecast Scheduling with Microsoft Project 2010/2013/Online,’ and ‘Dynamic Scheduling with Microsoft Project 2000/2002/2003.’ He founded ProjectPro, which specializes in Microsoft Project, Project Server, and Project Online. Eric has also developed several add-ons with his team that enhance the capabilities of Microsoft Project. They include creating better schedules (Forecast Scheduling App), managing cross-project dependencies (CrossLinksPro), identifying and documenting the Critical Path (PathsPro), and creating S-curve reports (CurvesPro). Eric was president of PMI-Ottawa in 1997, and has received several awards— from PMI in 2009, from MPUG in 2012, and from Microsoft from 2010 until 2017 (MVP).