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Mike Glen from Oxfordshire, England is a Chartered Engineer and RAF pilot, who retired as a Wing Commander engineer after 32 years in the Royal Air Force. He spent eight years at Cranfield University at the Royal Military College of Science as a lecturer in project management and computer applications. Then, as a computer applications consultant for seven years, he specialized in training Microsoft Project. He was awarded MVP status in 1997 and has been re-awarded each year until 2011 (14 years). Now retired, apart from a continuing interest in computing, his spare time is taken up with four grandchildren, caravanning, visiting historic houses and gardens, serving as a lawn bowls club coach, Barbershop singing, and classical music. Mike is the co-author of Que: Special Edition Using Microsoft Project 2002 and contributor to TechTrax for Microsoft Project training. Connect with Mike as a contributor to the Microsoft Project User Group and Webmaster of the MVP Project web site at http://project.mvps.org.

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