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Rich Murphy


Active 3 months ago
Rich Murphy has more than 35 years of experience in the project management field. He began as the project controls engineer for a $4 billion power plant engineering and construction project. He, and his long-time partners, have led the development of many leading commercial project management software systems. After Microsoft’s acquisition of one of those systems developed by his team in August 2000, Rich joined Microsoft and participated in the development of Project Professional and Project Server which was based on the acquired technology. Rich was the original Solution CEO for Microsoft’s Enterprise Project Management system. After leaving Microsoft, Rich and his team continued to develop complimentary solutions built on the Microsoft technology stack. For the past six years, Rich has provided marketing and product development advice to several PPM vendors. In 2019, Rich joined Triskell Software as their VP – Strategy and Corporate Development. Contact Rich via email at rmurphy@triskellsoftware.com.