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Philip Stickland


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  • Philip Stickland posted an update in the group Group logo of Project for the WebProject for the Web 4 months, 1 week ago

    I have some projects on PFW and some Projects in Project Professional. I would like to run reports on both sets of Projects in one place. I have been trying to do this within PowerBI without any success (I can create reports for either, but not both…)
    Has anyone else tried this, and if it worked for you, how did you do it…?

    • Hi Philip,
      So sorry for a late response on this one. Things are crazy in NL with a second lockdown due to Covid-19. Also, the two young kids at home take up a lot of time haha.
      In regards to your question, both environments have different metadata and are difficult to combine, but it can be done. As an example here’s the combined Power BI dataset template explained: https://www.theprojectcornerblog.com/2020/05/13/two-favorite-project-reports-online-edition/

      If this doesn’t work for you please explain in a bit more detail the overview that you would like to create. I’m sure we will figure it out together 🙂

      Happy new year (2020 – 2021 is around the corner)