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Microsoft Office Project Users Gain New User Group and Online Resource

MPUG, the User Group for Microsoft® Office Project, has rebranded its identity and relaunched its website, which now includes a searchable content library, simplified events management and improved chapter sites, among other features.

Formerly known as MPA, MPUG has returned to its roots under new leadership as a global user group, with tens of thousands of registered members and 32 regional chapters around the world. The new website, built on Microsoft SharePoint technology, launched in mid-June 2008.

 “We’ve developed our new MPUG portal to provide an independent resource for help, news, tools, networking and information so our customers from the desktop user to the global team or organization, can accomplish even more using Microsoft Office Project,” said MPUG President Melanie Cosklo. “Key features include ‘Access and Learn,’ our document library with over a thousand pieces of cool Microsoft Project- and project management-related content and the ability for a member to personalize his or her site.

 “Among all of the new features of the new website, the one I most appreciate is the ability for members to belong to any number of chapters,” said Kirk Vantine, VP, Global Systems & Services for MPUG. “No longer are people limited to finding out only what is happening in their own chapters — they can plug into the energy and happenings of as many chapters around the world as they like.”

 MPUG.COM highlights include:

  • Improved chapter sites, where chapter leaders can post events, publish news and presentations and other resources and invite attendees to meetings.
  • The introduction of “My Site,” where members can personalize communication preferences, colleagues and MPUG information.
  • A “Connect” function that lets chapters connect with experts and training within the community and around the globe.
  • “Corporate Connections,” sites that allow people within the same company to collaborate.
  • “Access and Learn,” a document library that compiles more than a thousand articles, presentations, templates, tips and other resources about current and previous versions of Microsoft Project.
  • Plus, simplified events management; an enhanced job board and integrated career center; the “Volunteer Center,” for soliciting for Project-related help; and a revamped news feature to keep members up to date on releases and updates from Microsoft as well as third-party companies serving the Microsoft Project community.

“This [set of resources] will be a nice addition.” said Mark David, EPM Senior Engineer for CDW Berbee in Carmel, Indiana, who beta tested the new site before launch. “We will be able to post documents and logos and all kinds of things out there. We’ll be able to direct our chapter members and interested parties to find out what we’re doing, and we’ll be able to send out meeting notices. All of the new things it has so far are very helpful,” added the president of the Central Indiana chapter of MPUG.

MPUG encourages members to subscribe to chapter sites and sign up to receive event notifications and alerts from chapters they’re interested in.

To learn more about MPUG, visit https://www.mpug.com/Pages/Home.aspx.


In 1997, MPUG-Global — a professional user group — was created to provide Microsoft® Project professionals an environment that would foster knowledge sharing and support for a common passion — project management. MPUG grew steadily over the years, capturing the interest and participation of thousands of Project practitioners and spurring the development of more than 37 volunteer-driven user group chapters worldwide.

MPUG has developed a model based on the best practices of other leading professional user groups, associations and institutions to create a diverse network of people who contribute to the community, offering professional opportunities and critical information in a timely, cost-effective manner.

MPUG is designed to help users increase their skills and knowledge in applying Microsoft Office Project to their work environments.

In deep partnership with Microsoft, MPUG has the foundation — relationships within the Project community, a seasoned staff, and technology-driven infrastructure — to maintain the world’s preeminent user group for Microsoft® Office Project.

MPUG Community:

  • 30,000 Members
  • 37 Chapters
  • 35 Countries
  • 200 Volunteer Community Leaders

Our Most Valuable Asset, You!

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Written by Dian Schaffhauser

Dian Schaffhauser is MPUG’s editor. She’s been covering project management, business transformation and topics technical as a journalist and editor since IBM released its first PC. She invites you to send your best story ideas for MPUG to her at editor@mpug.com. She promises to let you know what she really thinks.

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