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Microsoft Project 2010 Feature Rally: Project Timeline

There’s one feature in Project 2010 that I can’t stop getting excited about — THE PROJECT TIMELINE! This is something I’ve been shouting about since the very early beta and I am so glad to see it has made it to the final version of the products.

Microsoft Project 2010 Feature Rally: Project Timeline

The ability to gain a high level visibility of your project plan as a project manager is just what we needed, and Microsoft has delivered. The simplicity of creating a graphical timeline to represent the project schedule and plan is amazing! With the added functionality of adding project phases and key milestones, the Timeline can be made into something very meaningful.

Microsoft Project 2010 Feature Rally: Project Timeline

With the export functionality of the Timeline it’s possible to reach team members or key stakeholders of the project by copying the timeline into an e-mail, presentation, or any other documents — and the formatting will be retained for further editing.

Microsoft Project 2010 Feature Rally: Project Timeline

Written by Dharmesh Patel

Dharmesh Patel is a seasoned Technical Project Manager with over 15 years’ experience using and implementing Microsoft technologies.  Dharmesh has worked for various large multinational organisations, sectors including Finance, E-Commerce, and Technology as well as continued engagement with Microsoft.  Contact Dharmesh at info@dharmeshpatel.co.uk

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  1. Hi Dharmesh, how do you change the timescale of the timeline from ‘Sat 08 May’ to a monthly format (‘February’, ‘March’ & ‘April’)?


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