Microsoft Project Certification 2010 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the exam?

The exam is called, “Exam 70-178: Microsoft Project 2010, Managing Projects.”

Who is this exam intended for?

Candidates for this exam use Project Standard 2010 and Project Professional 2010 desktop features (excluding Project Server features) to manage a project schedule and communicate the project to individuals, teams, and the enterprise.To tackle the exam, candidates should have experience in effectively scheduling, communicating, collaborating on, and delivering projects using these two applications. Candidates should also know key project management concepts and terminology as related to scheduling.

If someone passes this exam, what credential will he or she earn?

The official title of the credential is “Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS): Microsoft Project 2010, Managing Projects.”

How should somebody prepare for the exam?

You should study the topics for the exam to make sure you have experience in using those features of the product. What if you’re still new to Microsoft Project 2010 One assessment we received was that you should be “very familiar” with Project 2007 and “somewhat” familiar with Project 2010. You can read the exam objectives, to understand what topics will be covered.

What exam preparation resources are available?

We recommend these resources:

What form do the questions take — multiple choice or something else?

This exam uses multiple-choice questions. Your job is to pick the best response given the specific question you’re being asked.

How many questions do you anticipate in the final exam?

Live exams include about 50 questions.

How long will the test-taker have to take the exam?

A typical exam takes up to 90-120 minutes.

How much will the exam cost?

The exam costs $125 in the United States and other prices in other countries. The price of an exam in the United States will rise to $150 starting on July 1, 2011. See Microsoft’s exam pricing by country.

Are the results of pass or fail immediate?

After answering questions and pressing Submit, you’ll find out immediately if you’ve passed or failed.

Is this exam similar to the previous Project exam, 70-632, which was also offered through Prometric?

Yes. Exam 70-632 primarily used multiple choice and scenario questions to measure your abilities with the Project 2007 products. Exam 70-178 will be similar, but cover all of the new and relevant topics for Project 2010 desktop products.

How I schedule an exam?

To schedule an exam, visit Prometric, Microsoft’s testing provider.

Is there a title that will be given for somebody who passes this exam along with the new Server exam?

Microsoft is still working out the details on that. Stay tuned!

To learn more, read “How to Get Certified in Microsoft Project 2010.”


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