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In addition to 30 live sessions, Microsoft® Project Virtual Conference 2016 includes many on-demand PMI® PDU eligible sessions available for your convenience. All conference sessions are listed below. Be sure to submit any sessions that you complete to your MPUG history to receive credit. 

MPUG members have unlimited access to on-demand Virtual Conference sessions. 

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On-Demand Sessions

Featured Keynote – Mars Rovers: The Ultimate Project

Join Dr. Squyres as he tells the fascinating story of Spirit and Opportunity’s initial conception, how he persevered through multiple rejections of his ideas by NASA, through development, and the design process that led to such extraordinary performance, launch, landing, and six years of exploration on Mars.

Dr. Steve Squyres





Deep Dives with Tom Henry

Project Planning using Microsoft Project

Updating Projects Progress with Microsoft Project

Resource Planning with Microsoft Project

Task Planning using Microsoft Project

Baselining with Microsoft Project

Tom Henry

Exporting and Importing Data into Project, Excel and Outlook

Microsoft Project is a fabulous tool for Project Managers, but it’s not always the best tool for Team Members. In this session we’ll investigate two common scenarios. The first one will be exporting task related data to Excel to that we can use it as the basis of a timesheet, and then import the modified data back into Project. The second scenario is exporting the data to Outlook so that it appears in a user’s calendar. It’s a lot to cover in 60 minutes, so climb on board for a pacey ride!

Ben Howard, MVP

 Ben Howard



Tips and Tricks for More Accurate Scheduling

Without an accurate project schedule, it is virtually impossible to manage a project effectively.  In this powerful, high-energy presentation, Dale Howard will show you numerous tips and tricks that project managers and schedulers can use for creating a more accurate project schedule using Microsoft Project.

Dale Howard

Dale Howard

Back to the Future – When Gantt had Style

Back in time (and we’re talking “time-machine-time”), the best thing for visual communication of a project plan coming out of Microsoft Project was the Gantt chart, and maybe some really basic un-formatted reports. Later on, Visual Reports came, and finally now, Reports (i.e. dashboards) are here. When it comes to communicating project schedules, it’s all about the visual show-and-tell for stakeholders and the more of that the better. Although reports are new and improved, the Gantt chart remains a classic through time.

Larry Christofaro

 Larry Christofaro

Microsoft® Project 2016 Essentials – Three Part Series

Each part of this series dives deep into the essentials of the new Microsoft Project 2016.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Ben Howard, MVP

Ben Howard




Unified PPM & Agile Management Solution

Join Tivitie in this session as we show you how to obtain global visibility across agile projects and traditional projects from your Project Server/Online environment by connecting your agile tools for better decision making, cost tracking, strategic alignment and resource planning. Topics include:

  • Organizational PPM Overview
  • The Problems with Disconnected Systems
  • The Benefits of Agile PPM
  • Agile Tools (VersionOne, Jira, TFS) and Microsoft Project Server/Online

Matt Wiley

Showing PMO Love Through Monitoring and Automation

PMO spend a lot of time planning and developing governance to build a smooth running PMO. Extensive documentation is written that documents the PMO people, roles and processes. The problem is nobody wants to read the documentation and memorize all the rules. It’s hard to verify that processes are being followed. In this webinar we will explain how centralized data containing project and resource information will make it much easier to monitor and manage PMO governance thru automation.

Michael Wharton

Michael Wharton


Project Portfolio Management Masterclass, Session 1

Project Portfolio Management is about ensuring you have the correct mix of projects that are focused on taking the business where it has decided to go. It is about being able to respond quickly to changes in the environment, enabling the business to set the direction and then create a series of steps to get there.

Microsoft Project Online: Adoption, Governance, Sustainment

Microsoft Project Online is a Cloud PPM From Microsoft. As with any product, there are always issues related to adoption, governance and sustainment. This session covers common problems as well as we offer to address them.


Anton Kravtsov

Conference Day 1

Microsoft® Project 2016 Essentials
Getting Started with Project Management and the Microsoft® Toolset

-What Is a Project?
-What Is Project Management?
-Who are Project Managers
-Key Goals & Challenges Facing Projects
-Tools, tools and more tools

Ben Howard, MVP

Ben Howard




It’s All About…. Reports!

This power-packing hour covers Project Online reporting, Power BI, Business Intelligence, and more. You have seen many reporting sessions, but this is one that you will not want to miss. Together, Scott and Jacques bring over 50 years reporting experience and will leave you with the understanding of how easy Microsoft has made Project Online reporting. There is not a report that we have seen that we can’t build.

Jacques Goupil





Scott Clausen





Using Project Online to Manage NPD Projects

The demonstration will show how Project Online can be configured to follow a simple NPD process, use pre-defined NPD templates, track and manage issues and risks and then use the reporting features of PowerBI to provide dashboards across the whole NPD portfolio.

Ben Howard, MVP

Ben Howard




Beyond Macros – Customizing Microsoft® Project for Non-Techies

Getting Started with Macros

-Recording and editing basic macros
-Assigning a macro to the Microsoft® Project ribbon
-Creating a macro to set the baseline for all tasks in your project that have not yet been baselined

Ira Brown




Microsoft® Project Do’s and Don’ts

This session will walk the attendee through 9 practices that are sure to be problematic.

After attending this session the attendee should be able to:

-Identify inappropriate practices in their MS Project schedules.
-Resolve issues created by these practices
-Leverage their learning in future project plans by avoiding the recurrence of “Inappropriate Practices”.

Sam Huffman, PMP, MCITP, MCT




Keynote: Microsoft Project 2016 and Roadmap

In this presentation, we will first examine the key trends in PPM and how they are impacting the industry and its solutions. Next, we’ll look at Office 365 and how it and the Project portfolio of products are helping customers achieve the strategic alignment of work to strategy. Finally, we’ll close with a look at the broader vision for Project and its product roadmap over the next couple of years.


Brett Brewer


Visualizing Project Data with Visio

Whether you’ve used Visio for years or have never clicked the program icon, you may not be aware that you can use it to build project-related dashboards. In this session we will explore ways to measure and visualize team members’ progress toward project goals. We will turn flowcharts into dynamic process reporting tools. And we will build a project timeline, all using Visio.

Scott Helmers


Level with Me: Advanced Resource Management with Microsoft® Project and Project Server

Join Eric Uyttewaal in this one hour webinar on advanced resource management features from Eric’s book “Forecast Scheduling with Microsoft® Project 2013”. Your team will thank you!

Eric Uyttewaal, PMP, MVP




The World of Collaboration: How New Innovations Will Transform Your Organization

In this session, we will discuss how enterprise social tools such as Chatter and Yammer, can improve corporate knowledge, and how Self Service BI is empowering business users to quickly analyze and react to information, and the changing workforce itself is going more mobile and working from a much wider variety of devices. The key points of the session will be to show how IT and Project Managers can ensure that these collaboration elements are included in their thinking, and shaping of projects while advancing the business.

Ken Winell



Conference Day 2

Key Agile Concepts Illustrated

In this session, you will learn some techniques that you can immediately apply back at work. The goal of this session is to introduce agile concepts and not to focus on any specific methodology or tool but to provide general concepts and techniques.

Cindy Lewis




Automate Your Status Reports with Project Online

This session will show you how to set up a status report in Excel Services using Odata and integrate it into your Project Detail Pages (PDPs). As a next step , it will highlight how a data historization can be added using CS Status Reporting.

Matthias Heger


Project Management for Healthcare

Join us in this session to discover what is different about projects in the healthcare industry and how project management skills, best practices and Microsoft® PPM solutions can benefit healthcare professionals.

Joe Larscheid


Effective use of Project with Scrum

Most organization are implementing some form of an Agile approach develop approach, like scrum, to get projects completed faster and to improve engagement with their business customers. This session will focus on how to leverage Microsoft® Project for scheduling, reporting, and breaking down user stories.

Joe Sacco


Project and SharePoint integration with Line of Business systems

Learn how TPG’s software suite supports PPM process by offering bidirectional integration between Project with line of business systems such as SAP, Jira and SharePoint.

Peter O’Neill


NBCUniversal – Television & Studio Operations Deploys Lean PMO Facilitated by Project Online

NBCUniversal’s Television & Studio Operations complex project portfolios needed to be standardized and aligned for optimization across their famed 30 Rockefeller and Universal City Campuses. This case study shares details on how that was achieved.

Matthew Sorin


Microsoft® Project Server improves Safety and Productivity for Oil Company

Learn how a large oil producer used Project Server’s scheduling engine and reporting with geospatial data to ensure that they safely planned their drilling activities so as to not create any down time. Their use of the solution also improved the productive use of equipment and other resources saving the company operational costs.

John-Michael Scott


Tips, Tricks, and Scheduling Best Practices with MS Project


Tom Henry
Tom Henry




Microsoft PPM in the Public Sector: Unique Challenges and Business Value Delivered

This session, presented by Microsoft Gold PPM Partner Projility (, will present an overview of the business challenges found in the public sector space – specifically, across Federal, State and Local Government Agencies – and how Microsoft Project and PPM can be leveraged to deliver successful solutions.

Rob Hirschmann


Reducing Project Costs with Schedule Risk Analysis

This presentation will show how the use of schedule risk analysis can not only improve your chance of project success but reduce management effort and cost over the complete project life cycle.

John Owen





Conference Day 3

Microsoft® Project + SharePoint = PM Maturity

Many organizations already own Microsoft® Project and SharePoint – but few take advantage of the synergy these two products create when used together. Join this webinar to learn from the Versatile Company, the company who wrote the book on practical project management.

Eric Verzuh




Project Intake & Prioritization

Successful organizations manage their project intake and prioritize initiatives to ensure the best return on investment. Microsoft® PPM allows organizations to capture incoming project proposals easily through an online business case form, including high-level staffing needs, cost information, and supporting documentation.

Terry Kneeburg




Project Communication Tools – A guide to communicating more effectively!

This webinar is filled with amazing information, covering topics such as project failures, common communication problems, communication planning, project communications &social media, agile projects and project management business intelligence. If you are having trouble with communicating project information, this presentation is for you!

Bill Dow, PMP




Innovative Solutions for a Constrained Project World

This presentation will examine what happens when a small group within a very large organization wants to increase its project management capability around Resource and Schedule Management leveraging an existing enterprise tool for Cost Management. Pcubed Consultants Rich Weller and Bert Velasco will demonstrate their “MacGyver-esque” talents as they highlight some unique solutions employed to meet a client’s challenges; all without access to their full toolkit and within a very tight timeframe.


Bert Velasco, PMP, MSP

Rich Weller, MBA, PMP, MCITP




Portfolio, Program, Projects – How to Manage Effectively using Microsoft Project

In this session you will learn how to manage scenarios so you can effectively use Project to enhance your productivity working in a multi-level project/program structure. You will also learn how to leverage the reporting tools to generate effective reports across multiple projects at level 1 (portfolio), 2 (program) or 3 (project) depending on your communication needs.

Robert Happy


Building a Learning Community within Your Organization

Scott Sears will present an overview of the Boeing Project Management Community of Excellence’s journey to its current state and give you some insights which may help you build your community.

Scott Sears


Structured Project Management using EPM, Jira, and TFS

During this session you will see how to take advantage of Microsoft EPM capabilities like artifact management and team site collaboration while using TFS and Jira to manage your sprint backlog, bringing the best of Agile and Structured EPM together in harmony.

Darrin Lange


Learn Why PMOs Are Moving Beyond Annual Planning

Frank LaRocca


New Advances in Project Management Tools

Kenneth Steiness

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