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It’s been a busy summer here at MPUG. We launched two courses, Scheduling Practitioner and Advanced Scheduling Practitioner, which follow PMI’s Scheduling Professional fundamental guidelines….and we’re getting ready to bring you more training opportunities from our experts!

Announcing our MS Project Core and Advanced Practitioner Courses

Whether you are an advanced Microsoft Project user or brand new to Project, this next course in our lineup is the one for you. Experienced users will breeze through this certificate (worth 33 PDU’s) while learning worthwhile tips, tricks, and best practices from our experts. Certify your knowledge of Microsoft Project and take your commitment to project management to the next level. All versions of MSP will be covered in our “core” essential learning course.

We know many of you are not new to MSP, but it’s time to tell your mangers, your team, and the world that you are an expert on this tool. We’re making the pathway to success easy! Work your way through our learning pathway, complete modules, earn PDU’s, and claim proficiency with MPUG certification. Both the Core MSP course and subsequent Advanced course are perfect for up-and-coming team members, too. Remember, we are covering multiple levels and all versions of Project.

This is the place to start. MPUG will walk you through the basics of MSP and help you maximize the potential of the most widely used project management tool, be successful, and earn over 50 PDUs by completing both the “core” and “advanced” Microsoft Project course modules.

Coming Soon

We also understand that MSP is not the only tool that project managers use. You may recall that MPUG ran a survey last year to ask project managers what other tools alongside Microsoft Project were most utilized. We got a lot of great responses, which has inspired us to build out a ‘complementary to MS Project’ learning path covering those most used, complementary project management tools. This Fall, we will be building that course, which will sit atop our other foundational learning modules.

That’s right! MPUG is looking ahead to offering training on, not only Microsoft Project, but multiple other project management applications. Remember, courses are complimentary for members. Look for our upcoming membership sale and get all the tools you need to be a top dog project manager.


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