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Learning Paths for Project Managers




The Beginner Course Path Covers:

● The Fundamentals of Project Management
● What Is a Project?
● What Is Project Management?
● Who are Project Managers?
● Understanding the Project Interface
● Defining the Project Plan
● Creating a Project Plan
● Creating Tasks and Dependencies
● Controlling a Project Plan
● Tracking your project
● Reporting on Projects
● Achieving Goals
● Project Communication
● Key Agile Concepts Illustrated
The Intermediate Course Path Covers:

● Microsoft Project Do's and Don'ts
● Scheduling Efficiently with Microsoft Project
● Reporting Best Practices
● Agile Project Management
● Task Types and Effort Driven Tasks Deep Dive
● Managing Projects Using SharePoint
● Managing Portfolios, Programs, and Projects with Microsoft Project
● Communications Using Project Server and Project Online
● Multi-level Project Structures
● Communications and Cognitive Psychology
● Deep Dive into Project 2010/2013
● Forecast Scheduling
The Expert Course Path Covers:

● Building a PMO
● Customizing Microsoft Project
● Identifying Inappropriate Practices in Schedules
● Benefits and Challenges of Portfolio/Demand Management
● Leading Project Server 2016 Migrations
● Maintaining a Successful PMO
● Enterprise Adoption Strategy
● Communication Problems
● Governance
● Risk Management
● Resource Management
● Sustaining and Embedding Strategy
Recommended for People who are:

● new to MSP and/or Project Management
● part-time/unofficial project managers
● experienced project managers who need to freshen up their skills
Recommended for People's who want:

● a deep-dive on Microsoft Project features
● to build upon indispensable PM skills
● to improve efficiency and fundamental business practices
Recommended for People Who:

● practice project portfolio management
● need to enhance their strategic influence
● lead project management offices/teams
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