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Working with Resource Pools

Display Summary Tasks In The Resource Usage View

Setting Task Dependencies

Automatically Format Milestones and Summary Tasks

Customizing Your Quick Access Toolbar

Cancel Unnecessary Tasks with Project Standard

Cancel Unneeded Tasks with Project Professional

Customize the Status Bar

Display the Status Data Line in the Gantt Chart View

Easily Identify Slipping Fixed Duration Tasks

Display The Nearly Critical Path In The Gantt Chart View

Set Date Formatting by Project

Setting Task Dependencies

Summary Tasks in Resource Usage

6 Tips in 5 Minutes

Use The Locked Field To Prevent Task Updates From Team Members

Use The Relationship Diagram View To Analyze Task Dependencies

Using The Marked Field To Automatically Format Tasks And Gantt Bars

Want to learn more? MPUG has in-depth training for all levels of project involvement, for both individuals and groups.


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Learning Paths for Project Managers




The Beginner Course Path Covers:

● The Fundamentals of Project Management
● What Is a Project?
● What Is Project Management?
● Who are Project Managers?
● Understanding the Project Interface
● Defining the Project Plan
● Creating a Project Plan
● Creating Tasks and Dependencies
● Controlling a Project Plan
● Tracking your project
● Reporting on Projects
● Achieving Goals
● Project Communication
● Key Agile Concepts Illustrated
The Intermediate Course Path Covers:

● Microsoft Project Do's and Don'ts
● Scheduling Efficiently with Microsoft Project
● Reporting Best Practices
● Agile Project Management
● Task Types and Effort Driven Tasks Deep Dive
● Managing Projects Using SharePoint
● Managing Portfolios, Programs, and Projects with Microsoft Project
● Communications Using Project Server and Project Online
● Multi-level Project Structures
● Communications and Cognitive Psychology
● Deep Dive into Project 2010/2013
● Forecast Scheduling
The Expert Course Path Covers:

● Building a PMO
● Customizing Microsoft Project
● Identifying Inappropriate Practices in Schedules
● Benefits and Challenges of Portfolio/Demand Management
● Leading Project Server 2016 Migrations
● Maintaining a Successful PMO
● Enterprise Adoption Strategy
● Communication Problems
● Governance
● Risk Management
● Resource Management
● Sustaining and Embedding Strategy
Recommended for People who are:

● new to MSP and/or Project Management
● part-time/unofficial project managers
● experienced project managers who need to freshen up their skills
Recommended for People's who want:

● a deep-dive on Microsoft Project features
● to build upon indispensable PM skills
● to improve efficiency and fundamental business practices
Recommended for People Who:

● practice project portfolio management
● need to enhance their strategic influence
● lead project management offices/teams
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