MPUG Mega-Guide for Learning Project 2010

Wondering how to start working with Project 2010, whether Professional, Standard, or Server? This MPUG mega-guide provides links to sources on this site and the Microsoft site that you’ll want to check out to help you start the journey.

Microsoft Project 2010 Feature Rally

We asked 12 of our favorite Microsoft Project experts to share a single feature they find most exciting in Project 2010. Each mini-briefing lays out why the feature is so cool and what it means for your project management work.

Sync to SharePoint
Manually Scheduled Tasks
Microsoft Project 2010 Departmental Fields
Inactive Tasks
Team Planner
The Ribbon
Synching with SharePoint
Project Timeline
Integrated Portfolio Management
No More ActiveX!
ROG, the Red Over-allocation Guy

WebNLearn Recordings Available to MPUG Members

These on-demand recordings with audio, slides, and demonstrations show you how to maneuver through Project 2010.

Is Upgrade to Project 2010 Right for Me?
MPUG Certificate Program: Microsoft Project 2010 Features Expert – Timeline View 
Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Project 2010
Resource Management in Project 2010
SharePoint Integration with Project with Project 2010
Manually Scheduled Tasks with Project 2010
Multiple Version Installation with Project 2010
Compatibility with Project 2010
Project 2010 Macros
Creating and Managing Views, Tables, Sorting, and Grouping with Project 2010
The Timeline View in Project 2010

Microsoft Project 2010 Resources

Wondering how the versions of Project — 2003, 2007, and 2010 — compare?  This chart explains.
Here’s the official blog of the Microsoft Office product development group.

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