MPUG Thanks Community Leaders in Award Ceremony

During last week’s Microsoft Project Conference 2009, MPUG acknowledged the contributions of a number of community members. Ludovic Hauduc, General Manager of the Project Business Unit at Microsoft, and Melanie Cosklo, MPUG President, were on hand to issue a number of awards. You can check out the video on YouTube.
MPUG Thanks Community Leaders in Award Ceremony
From left: Mary Hershner, Akesh Lalla (accepting for Jacques Viljoen), Jennifer Herman, Carl Dalby (accepting for Bill Raymond), Ludo Hauduc, Ian Radcliff (accepting for Dharm Patel), Gary Chefetz, Larry Christofaro, Ellen Lehnert, and Dale Howard.

MCLA Leader Award

For MPUG members who have helped other members achieve their goals with Microsoft Project in chapter event participation, web events, discussion forums, and elsewhere.
Larry Christofaro, Twin Cities Chapter, Digineer
Community Feedback: “Larry, a Microsoft Project super-hero, took up our cause and has generously shared his time, patience, and vast wealth of Project and Project Server knowledge to improve our capabilities in project management…”
Dharmesh Patel, London Chapter
Community Feedback: “Without Dharm’s Project knowledge, the events would never happen. Plus, he’s really friendly!”

MCLA Author Award

For community leaders and experts who have contributed to the body of knowledge represented in MPUG publications.
Ellen Lehnert, LehnertCS, LLC
Community Feedback: “I learn something from almost every one of her columns…”

MCLA Presentation Award

For exceptional instructors, people who have given presentations either in person or through LiveMeeting to help members of the MPUG community advance their knowledge of products and practices.
Dale Howard, MSProjectExperts
Community Feedback: “Easy to follow, friendly style… You can count on him to come through with great tips…”
Bill Raymond, Pcubed
Community Feedback: “Bill has impressive knowledge about Microsoft Project and presents solutions to problems…”

MCLA Chapter Leader Award

For those who have shown exceptional leadership in helping run an MPUG chapter or contributing overall to the development and growth of MPUG as an internationally recognized organization.
Mary Hershner, Phoenix
Community Feedback: “Mary has held all possible positions within the Phoenix Chapter… Her willingness to help chapter members achieve their professional goals surpasses all expectations. She has been instrumental in the success that the Phoenix Chapter has enjoyed over the past years and continues to be a leader and active participant…”

MCLA Outreach Award

For those individuals who show exceptional leadership in growing their MPUG chapters.
Larry Christofaro, Twin Cities Chapter, Digineer
Community Feedback: “Over the last year, this chapter has grown by a greater percentage than any other MPUG chapter in the world, and Larry has a been a big reason why…”
Jacques Viljoen, South Africa Chapter
Community Feedback: “South Africa chapter has had one of the most impressive launches of a local MPUG community and Jacques has a been a big reason why…”

MCLA Partner Award

For one of our go-to partners that has provided continuous community support.
MSProjectExperts, New York
Community Feedback: “These folks really know Microsoft Project and how to train people… Jennifer has been instrumental in developing a vibrant NY chapter of MPUG…”
“The MPUG Community is all about you,” said Cosklo in her opening remarks. “Your articles, tips, tricks, training events, templates, questions, answers. MPUG is the largest user community in the world dedicated to Microsoft Project. Each of you adds to the wealth of knowledge that becomes our collective wisdom. Thank you!”
Written by Dian Schaffhauser
Dian Schaffhauser is MPUG's editor. She's been covering project management, business transformation and topics technical as a journalist and editor since IBM released its first PC. She invites you to send your best story ideas for MPUG to her at She promises to let you know what she really thinks.
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