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Practical Kanban with MS Project Agile – 3 of 3

This lesson teaches how to use Kanban ceremonies and leverage MS Project Agile to optimize planning, conduct efficient daily stand-ups, and execute insightful reviews and retrospectives.

Practical Kanban with MS Project Agile – 2 of 3

This lesson covers Kanban artifacts and harness the power of MS Project Agile to master Kanban backlogs, definition of done, cumulative flow diagrams, and effective work-in-progress management.

Practical Kanban with MS Project Agile – 1 of 3

This lesson explores Kanban fundamentals, the Kanban Framework, roles, and its application in Project Management, emphasizing the effective use of Kanban in MS Project, uncovering key views, tables, a...

Event Series: Practical Kanban with MS Project Agile

Explore the transformative power of Kanban with MS Project Agile in a three-part webinar series, unraveling the intricacies of planning, backlog creation, and seamless integration into project managem...

To Document or Not to Document: That is the Question.

Balancing documentation and agility in project management can bring clarity, knowledge transfer, and compliance, avoiding pitfalls to achieve a dynamic equilibrium for enhanced project success.

Mastering Project Estimation: Simplified Techniques for Reliable Scheduling

Explore our guide on simple yet effective project estimation strategies. Master project timelines efficiently and make informed decisions.

Streamlining Success: Lean Principles in Project Management

Discover the power of Lean project management in reducing project waste, optimizing workflows, and achieving customer-centric excellence.

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Risk/Issue Management & Dashboarding with Power BI (3 of 3)

Automate report updates, securely share Power BI insights, & export live data for presentations in this advanced session - empower informed decisions! To register for this event login or bu...

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Risk/Issue Management & Dashboarding with Power BI (2 of 3)

Supercharge your Project Summary Report in Power BI! Add Issues & Risks, unlock deeper insights, & master data analysis in this intermediate session. To register for this event login or buy...

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