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WebNLearn: Leading Through Change Without Burning Out

In this webinar you will learn about corporate burnout and how to prevent burnout in yourself and your project management team.

Leadership, Leadership Levels, and Leadership Styles for Project Managers

We need a leader. Courageous, sacrificing for the people, setting examples for all of us. Everybody loves a leader, people line up for ’em, cheer for ’em, scream their names, and years lat...Read More

Back to Basics: How to Start a Project?

Aristotle was a great philosopher, but it’s my belief that if he had lived today, he would have become a great project manager. Living in 4th century B.C., Aristotle wrote a series of books on politic...Read More

What Are the Different Project Organizational Structures?

A company’s organizational structure is the system that defines a hierarchy within the organization. It typically describes job functions and reporting relationships. It can also describe how ac...Read More

Project Management

Back to Basics: What is the Role of a Project Manager?

There are a few reasons you may wish to understand the role of a project manager more fully. Perhaps it is because you are looking for a project management job and want to have a career in project man...Read More

The Importance of Kindness for Project Managers and Teams 

Kindness can be a tricky topic in the business world. If you look online, you’ll see multiple articles written about this theme. One of the challenges of incorporating kindness into the workplac...Read More

When a PM Must Communicate Bad News

Setting the Stage Communication is a fuel that drives project success. In fact, various experts have claimed that communication is the most important skill for a PM. Obviously, this includes how a PM ...Read More

The Influence of a Mentor

Mentoring is the sharing of one’s knowledge, skills, expertise, experience, etc. for the benefit of another. Mentors can play a crucial role in a person’s career. They can offer advice on tasks partic...Read More

Requirements Management Panel Discussion

Event Description: Join us as we open the floor for Q&A on the topic of Requirements Management This session is a follow-up to Walter Stinnett’s Requirements Management Course.  Watch Wa...Read More

Managing Disruption in the Workplace

We are used to the term disruption having a negative meaning, especially in the workplace. Disruptive employees need to be counseled on the harm they’ve caused. Disruption slows down the progress of w...Read More

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