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Learn how to effectively use Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Project together for improved project management. Our range of articles and training webinars provide in-depth insights on how to streamline the project management process and increase efficiency with the integration of Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Project. From setting up tasks and tracking progress to collaborating with team members, these resources cover everything you need to know. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, our training will provide you with practical tips and advice to enhance your project management setup. Take your project management skills to the next level with our Microsoft Planner Training resources

Advanced Scheduling Practitioner Course

Advanced Scheduling Practitioner Course

Build upon the Scheduling Professional skills you learned during our Core Scheduling Practitioner course. These advanced courses will round out your education, diving deeper into the essential areas a...

Scheduling Practitioner Course

Scheduling Practitioner Course

Harness your Scheduling Professional skills with the artfully crafted Core Scheduling Practitioner course. Each of the six modules will take you through scheduling essentials that are fundamental to b...

Automate Microsoft Planner reporting using Microsoft Power Automate and Power BI (Lesson 2)

Event Description:Welcome to part 2 of this 2 part training session.  In this session you will be shown how to use Power Automate to query all of the Planner tasks and store them in Sharepoi...

Automate Microsoft Planner reporting using Microsoft Power Automate and Power BI

Automate Microsoft Planner reporting using Microsoft Power Automate and Power BI – Lesson 1

In this lesson (part 1 of 2) I’ll show you how to use Microsoft Planner to plan and manage lightweight projects, and how Planner integrates seamlessly into Teams, providing a single interface to track...

Microsoft Project vs. Microsoft Planner

In any project management process, there is one shared concept — to define and set clear goals. Achieving the goal may vary depending on which method the PMO director chooses. Some projects may be sim...

How Much Time Do I Have Before My Task is Late in Microsoft Project?

Background Information In my first MPUG post about the Deadline dates feature in Microsoft Project, I documented how to set a Deadline date on a task to specify the “target” date for when that task ne...

What is the Project Lifecycle?

Fun fact: Try typing “lifecycle” into Google and you will see results for “life cycle.” Over the years, people have started using the single word instead of two words, but its meaning can be best unde...

MPUG 2022 Call for Content

We know it takes a community to build top-quality, useful content. In 2021, we asked you to share your biggest frustration with the project management tool(s) that you use. Then, we followed with a po...

What Tools are PMs Using Alongside Microsoft Project for Project Management?

We are surveying MPUG members and asking, “What are you using besides Microsoft Project to round out your project management toolbox?” Here are the results that we have got so far… It’s been great to ...

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