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Welcome to our Microsoft Project Training resources and Project Management Community. MPUG is the world’s largest independent Microsoft Project user group. We offer online and in-person training, resources and a community of Project users from around the globe. Whether you’re just starting out with Microsoft Project or you’ve been using it for years, MPUG has something to offer you. Our training will help you get the most out of the software and our resources will help you stay up-to-date on the latest features and best practices. And our community is one of the best places to find answers to your questions and connect with other Project users. View our resources, including training videos, webinars, case studies, templates and more below.

Practical Scrum with MS Project Agile 1 of 3

WebNLearn: Practical Scrum using MS Project Agile (1 of 3)

Learn about scrum fundamentals, the Scrum Framework, Scrum Roles and how to use MS Project with Scrum.

Project Management

Why is Project Management Important?

I have been conducting PMP training workshops for about 15 years. I usually start my training sessions by asking participants to introduce themselves and state their expectations of the training progr...Read More

MPUG and Sam Huffman Team Up to Give Away Essential Project Resource

We are excited to announce that in partnership with author, Sam Huffman, MPUG is giving away a not-to-miss project management resource to all our current and new members! As we’ve been getting ready t...Read More

MPUG’s newest course, Data Visualization with Excel

“Every Picture Tells a Story” is a popular saying which is true not only in everyday life, but in Excel, too. Behind every set of numerical data is a story waiting to be told. The telling ...Read More

What is Agile Project Management?

A Getting Started Guide According to the 15th State of Agile Report, 94% of companies are practicing Agile. This statistic is somewhat misleading as it does not mean that all of these companies are re...Read More

Automating Information between Microsoft Project and SharePoint

Event Description:In this session we first explore a couple of reasons you might need to integrate between Project and Sharepoint.  We then demonstrate the mechanisms and tools to perform th...Read More

Why Project Managers Should Care About a Project Baseline!

During the many years I have spent in the project management field, I have come across many project managers (PMs) wondering why they need a project baseline. Many know at the start of a project the d...Read More

How Much Time Do I Have Before My Task is Late in Microsoft Project?

Background Information In my first MPUG post about the Deadline dates feature in Microsoft Project, I documented how to set a Deadline date on a task to specify the “target” date for when that task ne...Read More

What is the Project Lifecycle?

Fun fact: Try typing “lifecycle” into Google and you will see results for “life cycle.” Over the years, people have started using the single word instead of two words, but its meaning can be best unde...Read More

Critical Path Modeling Using Microsoft Project: Lesson 2 Leveraging Work and Predecessor Types to Structure the Plan

Event Description: This course provides an overview of how to manage a project’s resources, timeline and cost through effective critical path modeling using Microsoft Project. This step by step ...Read More

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