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Do you want to learn about the latest project management methodology? MPUG is the world’s largest independent Microsoft Project and Project Management Communities. We offer our members access to the latest project management methodology training, best practices, tips, and tricks from industry experts, as well as a chance to connect with other project managers from around the globe. We believe that project managers have the ability to change the world for the better. With the right tools and resources, they can make sure that every project is successful – on time, on budget, and with minimal disruption.

Comparisons of a Project Manager to a Maestro

Project managers conduct their teams like maestros lead an orchestra: unifying diverse skills, setting the tempo, and delivering harmony to achieve a shared vision. Explore the parallels and improve y...

PMO Metrics: What They Are and Introducing Them to Your PMO

This lesson teachers how to transform your PMO with insightful metrics and dynamic Power BI dashboards, presented by Bill Dow.

Harnessing the Power of the Muses: How Ancient Inspiration Fuels Modern Project Management

Unexpected muses, surprising results. Discover how ancient Greek mythology holds the key to modern project management mastery.

Practical Kanban with MS Project Agile – 3 of 3

This lesson teaches how to use Kanban ceremonies and leverage MS Project Agile to optimize planning, conduct efficient daily stand-ups, and execute insightful reviews and retrospectives.

Revolutionize Your Strategic Planning: Harnessing Viva Goals with Microsoft Project Tools

Project Managers, transform your strategic planning: Master OKRs, align Viva Goals with MS Project tools, and achieve success in this interactive webinar. To register for this event login o...

Event Series: Practical Kanban with MS Project Agile

Explore the transformative power of Kanban with MS Project Agile in a three-part webinar series, unraveling the intricacies of planning, backlog creation, and seamless integration into project managem...

Managing Chaos and Pandemonium in a Complex World

Explore the challenges of managing chaos and pandemonium in today's fast-paced workplace, gain insights from the impact of the Internet and globalization, navigate post-pandemic adaptations, and devel...

Microsoft Project Online Integration with Azure DevOps

Unlock seamless collaboration and maximize productivity: Explore the fusion of Project Online and Azure DevOps for streamlined workflow integration and automated project management.

Cross Platform Integration: Common Challenges and Tips to Make It Work

Today businesses have various options for specialized software platforms, both cloud-based and on-premises. Unfortunately, many platforms do not provide direct integration or information sharing. This...

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