MPUG WebNLearn FAQ for Attendees

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions by webinar session attendees.

Q. What is GoToWebinar?
A. MPUG uses GoToWebinar to broadcast our WebNLearns. GoToWebinar is a hosted Web conferencing service that enables you to communicate and collaborate with anyone, anywhere using just a PC and an Internet connection.

Q. What software do I need to download to attend a WebNLearn?
A. You will need to download and install the GoToWebinar client prior to attending an MPUG WebNLearn. You will be promted to download the required software the first time accessing a session.  Please allow some extra time joining your first meeting.

Q. What options do I have if my company does not allow me to install software on my computer?
A. Many corporations will not allow employees to install software on local computers. You may need to request that your IT department install the GoToWebinar client on your machine.

Q. How will I hear the meeting?
A. The meeting will be broadcast over the internet. You will need to have speakers connected to your PC to hear the WebNLearn audio.

Q. How do I attend a WebNLearn?
A. Go to the MPUG WebNLearn calendar and click on the event you would like to attend. All login information will be sent 24 hours prior to the start of the meeting.

Q. Will the WebNLearns be recorded?
A. MPUG records WebNLearns and posts recordings in the members area for future viewing.

Q. I am not able to hear the audio.
A. Corporate firewalls, VPNs, etc. can block access to meetings. Please contact your IT support person and have them troubleshoot. Often this can be resolved by adjusting local settings. You may also want to try accessing the WebNLearn from a home PC.


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