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Understanding the Meaning of Scheduling Ignores Resource Calendars

Background Information In Microsoft Project, you can completely override the schedule of any task by assigning a Task calendar to the task. Common needs for using a Task calendar might include the fol...Read More

Using Custom Fields and Graphical Indicators to Analyze the Quality of Your Schedule

Project managers are responsible for building and updating quality project schedules. When building these schedules, it’s important to ensure they are free of potential scheduling issues. Issues can b...Read More

Understanding Dependencies, Leads and Lags with MS Project

  Project Management Institute (PMI)® Professional Development Units (PDUs): This Webinar is eligible for 1 PMI® PDUs in the Technical category of the Talent Triangle.   Event Description: A...Read More

Drag and Drop Tasks from One Resource to Another

Dragging and Dropping Tasks Many Microsoft Project users probably know that you can move tasks in any task view, such as the Gantt Chart view, by “dragging and dropping” the tasks. To drag and drop a ...Read More

Understanding Dependencies, Leads, and Lags with MS Project

There are many knowledge areas, such as integration management, schedule management, cost management, quality management, risk management, etc., that a project manager needs to thoroughly consider whe...Read More

Timesavers 2.0

My first article on the topic of “Timesavers” was published about two months ago. I covered many of Project’s data manipulation tools and best practices for setting up easy access to different command...Read More

Microsoft Project Quick Tip: Set the Split Bar Location for All New Blank Projects

Background One minor issue I have with Microsoft Project is that it places the split bar to the right of the Resource Names column by default every time I launch the software and create a new blank pr...Read More

Microsoft Project Do’s and Don’ts: Identifying Early and Future Task Tracking

As project managers, I suspect we’ve all considered starting or completing work in the future. When you think about it, although jumping ahead to tracking future work could seem handy, this ability ha...Read More


Saving Time with Tips, Keyboard Shortcuts, and Macros. Project has many data manipulation tools and ways to set up easy access to different commands. Implementing these shortcuts will allow you to wor...Read More

How To Reschedule Incomplete Work

A colleague posed a problem recently. He recorded earned value after tracking work done in the first status period of his project. When recording work done in the second status period, he returned to ...Read More

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