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Chess and Project Management: Part 2

A previous article, Chess and Project Management, explored the similarities between the game of chess and project management. A professional chess player who is also a PMP found the first article to b...Read More

Building Potential Within a Diverse Team-01

Building Potential Within a Diverse Team Course

Our Building Potential Within a Diverse Team Course is designed to help managers learn how to identify and develop the potential within their team. The course is taught by experienced professionals wh...Read More

Five Best Governance and Security Practices for PMs using MS Teams

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for online communication platforms has drastically increased. The use of MS Teams by companies and organization is not an exception. According ...Read More

How Assumptions Lead to Conflict

Alan Alda gave the commencement speech for his daughter Eve’s graduation. In his speech, he stated, “Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, o...Read More

Avoiding Root Causes of Troubled Projects

Prevention measures should be considered to reduce or contain the root causes of troubled projects, thereby improving project quality, profitability, and customer satisfaction. This article is not int...Read More

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Onboarding New Project Managers

Employees are the foundation of your organization. They add value with the skills and knowledge that they bring to the team. They also convey a tiny element of the company culture. A new person hired ...Read More

Recruiting, Hiring and Managing Talent: Best Practices for Finding Strong Project Team Members

The success of any project is indisputably tied to the quality of the team members working on it. As a project manager, you play a key role in the recruitment, hiring, and management of talent. This i...Read More

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Tips, Clicks and Tricks to Boosting the Effectiveness of your MS Teams Meeting

Project Management Institute (PMI)® Professional Development Units (PDUs):This Webinar is eligible for 0.75 PMI® PDU in the Leadership category of the Talent Triangle. Event Description: Run your MS T...Read More


Managing Chaos and Pandemonium in a Complex World

Description: Chaos and pandemonium can become a regular part of the work in project management. As we move forward into a new way of looking at the world, we can find different ways to strengthen the ...Read More

How to Keep your Team Productive in Uncertain Times

Whether it’s living through a global pandemic, a reorganization at your company, or political turmoil, no one likes to live through uncertainty. When people are concerned about their financial safety,...Read More