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Back to Basics: Project Manager vs. Project Sponsor

I regularly conduct PMP training workshops. About one hour in, I discuss project stakeholders, and almost always the same question comes up: What is the difference between the project manager and the ...Read More

Project Management

Back to Basics: What is the Role of a Project Manager?

There are a few reasons you may wish to understand the role of a project manager more fully. Perhaps it is because you are looking for a project management job and want to have a career in project man...Read More

The Importance of Kindness for Project Managers and Teams 

Kindness can be a tricky topic in the business world. If you look online, you’ll see multiple articles written about this theme. One of the challenges of incorporating kindness into the workplac...Read More

When a PM Must Communicate Bad News

Setting the Stage Communication is a fuel that drives project success. In fact, various experts have claimed that communication is the most important skill for a PM. Obviously, this includes how a PM ...Read More

Markus Spiske

Boosting the Effectiveness of your MS Teams Meeting

Event Description: MS Teams has become the center of our day-to-day work, especially when we are collaborating with your colleagues virtually.  This session will provide you a useful insight...Read More

A Simple Project Management Checklist

Projects are essential to all organizations’ goals and objectives. Successful project completions according to targeted purposes account for optimum company performance. But only through a robust proj...Read More

Automate Microsoft Planner reporting using Microsoft Power Automate and Power BI

Automate Microsoft Planner reporting using Microsoft Power Automate and Power BI – Lesson 1

In this lesson (part 1 of 2) I’ll show you how to use Microsoft Planner to plan and manage lightweight projects, and how Planner integrates seamlessly into Teams, providing a single interface to track...Read More

MPUG 2022 Call for Content

We know it takes a community to build top-quality, useful content. In 2021, we asked you to share your biggest frustration with the project management tool(s) that you use. Then, we followed with a po...Read More

Managing Disruption in the Workplace

We are used to the term disruption having a negative meaning, especially in the workplace. Disruptive employees need to be counseled on the harm they’ve caused. Disruption slows down the progress of w...Read More

Five Best Governance and Security Practices for PMs using MS Teams

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for online communication platforms has drastically increased. The use of MS Teams by companies and organization is not an exception. According ...Read More

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