MPUG’s Best Tales of Terror

We searched through our MPUG archives to bring you the scariest project management stories of all time. Have one of your own to add? We welcome your submissions between now and Oct 31st. Email yours to The first five submitters will get a free MPUG membership for one year…and some MPUG swag 😊

A Project Engagement That Went Horribly Wrong
By Sharath Kumar
Unending scope creep almost landed this team of experts in purgatory.

The Case of the Clueless Management
By Ellen Lehnert
The tale of a CIO who doesn’t believe in training, a company lacking data for its dashboards, and a client who expects projects to build themselves.

I Survived an Ax-wielding PMO Director
By Michael Wharton
Our hero becomes suspicious when nobody sticks around for very long.

The Executive Who Laid a Curse on His PMs
By Tim Runcie
It was a dark and stormy night, and he was all alone…

I Tried to Warn Them: “Enter at Your Own Risk”
By Satya Narayan Dash
Would this project really ever end?

Trace Evidence that Sunk a PMO Director
By Cindy Lewis
It’s always the little things that catch our deceptions out…

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