A Microsoft partner has released a new service to generate heatmaps specifically for resource management. Sensei Project Solutions’ Resource Heatmaps works with Microsoft Project Online to create quick views of potential bottlenecks tied to the resources on a project.

The program, available as a subscription service, generates three kinds of heatmaps:

  • Availability Heatmap displays the assignments of resources in relation to their capacity;
  • Engagement Heatmap shows the engagement of resources in relation to their capacity to help resource managers figure out the commitment level of resources; and
  • Coverage Heatmap reports on the assignments of resources in relation to their engagements to allow resource and project managers to identify mismatches in resourcing between the project schedules and engagements.


The heatmap application can do:

  • Custom field filtering by date and custom field;
  • PDP filtering to display only resources relevant to the current project;
  • PDF export of the current page or all resources to share with project stakeholders; and
  • A launch of Project Pro or the Resource Center with a single click.

Updates are created in real-time; when a change is made the resource, the results are shown on the heatmaps immediately, according to the company.

“Resource managers can now quickly see bottlenecks across the organization and proactively manage allocations of resources to projects,” said Kenneth Steiness, CEO of Sensei, in a prepared statement. “Project managers also benefit, as they can see conflicts for resources assigned to their projects.”

The Sensei Resource Heatmaps program is available for individual users in the Microsoft Office Store for $49.99 per month; organizations may purchase an enterprise license directly from the company.

The heatmap program requires either SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint Online.