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Ombud, Eric Uyttewaal, Announces his Newest Book

MPUG Ombudsmen are experts who investigate and present solutions to common problems and complaints in the practices of project management. These are experts vetted by hundreds of thousands of your peers in the community. We want to let you know when they are up to something new – an innovation or developing time saving tips!

Eric Uyttewaal is one of the foremost trainers, consultants, and authors on portfolio and project management software from Microsoft. He’s founded ProjectPro, a company that specializes in Microsoft Project and Project Server. And he’s written something new. Eric’s latest book, Forecasting Programs, is scheduled to be released this month. It’s been described as a true masterpiece of program forecasting for active practitioners and senior executives.

Eric tells us that the meteorite shower graphic on the front cover is a metaphor for programs: long-range visions, high-visibility, many moving parts, and overwhelming and sometimes destructive (for reputations). The deliverables in a project are like projects in a program; dependencies between activities within a project are now dependencies between projects. Project objectives are called strategic benefits in programs. Stakeholders are smarter and more assertive in programs. Budgets are much larger. The problem is that program managers who try managing a program like a project are doomed to fail.

Eric and his team have developed techniques and applications specifically for programs. These innovations allow program managers to forecast their programs and take corrective action early. Program managers do not need to be monthly messengers of bad news! With the innovations learned in this book, they will be able to gain back control over their program, manage expectations in a more timely fashion, and become bearers of good news instead of bad!

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  1. I really liked his Forecast Scheduling book. I’ve pre-ordered this Forecasting Programs book and eagerly await receiving it. (The end of the month is drawing nigh…)


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