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What Is an MPUG Ombudsman?

MPUG Ombudsmen are experts who investigate and present solutions to common problems and complaints in the practices of project management.

At MPUG we know that project and portfolio management can be seen in a variety of forms and fields, globally; therefore, we have ombudsmen in five specialty areas. These areas are listed and described in detail below.


These experts lead our weekly training sessions on how to do project management with Microsoft technology. This is the most visible and influential category of contributors. Some of these experts are trainers, but many are users like you with expert practices to share. They put their expertise out there for you each week to improve your own practices.

Expert badges are awarded after 10 or more successful training sessions for the MPUG community.

Forum Pro 

These experts answer user questions in our forum. Forum Pros prove their expertise in the field every day and then share those insights. They are the front line in helping you be more successful.

A Forum Pro badge is awarded after the expert has answered and mastered a large quantity of user inquiries.


These experts and accomplished users write articles and provide tips from their hard-earned experience. They are not only great project managers, but they can articulate the “what” and “how” for our consumption. You can view these articles and how-to features on the MPUG website, in our newsletters and through our social media.

Author badges are awarded after 10 popular articles are featured and shared with the MPUG community.

Community Leader

These project managers are out there working with you. They organize and lead group meetings and special events and are core to the community.

For more information on obtaining this badge, please contact MPUG at info@mpug.com.



These experts create quick tip videos for our community. They are willing to answer the toughest questions and solve problems with quick video demos. You can view these experts via the MPUG “High-five” tip series. For a limited time, for each video you send in, you will be entered in the MPUG High Five Video Submission Contest – YOU could win $1,000 in our random drawing!

Ombud badges are awarded after completing five quick tip videos for the community.

How Can You Become an MPUG Ombudsman?

Everyone has the opportunity to become an ombudsman by submitting content and your ideas to MPUG. You can achieve this through a variety of formats. To learn more, please visit Submit Content to MPUG.

Who are MPUG Ombudsmen?

Sam Huffman

Ben Howard

Daryl Deffler

Erik van Hurck

Ira Brown

Tim Runcie

Jigs Gaton

Raphael Santos

Bill Raymond

John Riopel

Kenneth Steiness

Eric Uyttewaal

Dale Howard

Bill Dow

Bonnie Biafore

Larry Christofaro

Michael Wharton

Sai B Prasad

Ellen Lehnert

Eric Verzuh

Dan Friedrich

Cindy Lewis

Angelo Arcoleo

Anthony (Tony) Woodrich

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