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Please log in or register to view
– Most MPUG webinars are member-only content that require the viewer to be logged in to view. If you are a member, please log in above and the video will become available for you to view. If you are not a member and are interested in joining or learning more, check out the benefits of being an MPUG member.


I see an error message / I cannot play the video
– In most cases this is due to restrictions on company networks or computers. If you are using Chrome, a html5 player will be used when possible. In all other cases and browsers, a Flash player will be used. Please check with your IT department to see if there are restrictions on these players and if an exception can be made for viewing the content.

– If you are accessing from a personal network/computer, your Flash is up to date and you are still receiving a video player error, please contact us at info@mpug.com for further troubleshooting.


Submit a session to your MPUG webinar history (PMI® PDU tracking)
– After completing the on-demand video in it’s entirety, the Submit button will activate and allow you to submit the video to your MPUG webinar history. This tracks your activity as required by PMI® allowing you to claim the session, adds the session to your MPUG transcript, provides you with a certificate of completion and PDU information for the session. Learn more about the MPUG webinar transcript and certificates of completion.


How do I claim the PMI® PDU credit for a completed on-demand webinar.
– First, be sure to submit the webinar to your MPUG history for tracking purposes. The second step is to search and enter the session in the PMI® system. For more information on the claim process, please follow these instructions.


How do I find more on-demand webinars?
– MPUG members have access to over 450 hours of PMI® PDU eligible on-demand webinars. See the most recently recorded webinars or view the full list of on-demand sessions.


How do I watch the live sessions?
– MPUG members can register and attend all live sessions hosted by MPUG. View and register for upcoming webinars.


How do I access my webinar history, transcript and certificates of completion?
– MPUG members can access this by clicking My Account > Webinar Report. You can also access it via this direct link to your MPUG history.

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