Personal: Productivity for Project Managers

Boost your productivity as a project manager with time-saving tools, workflows, and personal efficiency hacks. Learn techniques for better task management, prioritization, work-life balance, and optimizing your daily routines.

MPUG Live Event: Smartsheet 101: Conquering the Basics

What You’ll Learn with Smartsheet 101: Conquering the Basics

Find out what you'll learn when you attend our live PDU learning event, Smartsheet 101: Conquering the Basics, presented by Project Widgets.

The diagram shows how Copilot for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform works. A user prompt is sent to the Copilot service. The Copilot service then uses a large language model to generate a modified prompt. This modified prompt is then used to query the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 data sources. The results of this query are then used to generate a response to the user's prompt.

Microsoft Copilot Explained: Generative AI Chatbots for Business

Discover the power of generative AI for your business with Microsoft Copilot Studio and the types of intelligent chatbots you can create.

A Road with two yellow lines going throught the middle

Upgrading to the Latest Microsoft Project: Considerations for 2024

As we move further into 2024, the question of whether to upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Project remains a common concern for project managers and organizations. With Microsoft continuously...

The visual data shows the increase in the growth of a company over time. The graph shows that the company started with a small amount of growth, but then began to grow rapidly. This rapid growth continued for a number of years, until the company reached its peak. After this, the company's growth slowed down, but it continued to grow at a steady pace.

Consistency Gives Self-Discipline Its Power

Explore the vital role of discipline and consistency in project management, and how these core values drive success.

The Crucial Key to Innovation in Project Management

Discover the seven symptoms of Business Professional Innovation Deficiency Syndrome (BPIDS) and learn strategic insights on fostering innovation in your project management practice. Transform failure ...

The image shows a woman looking at a computer screen. The screen is displaying a calendar with a lot of events on it. The woman is holding a pen and biting the end of it. She is looking at the calendar and thinking about something. She is probably trying to figure out how to schedule all of the events on the calendar.

8 Tips for Better Time Management: Project Manager Edition

Enhance productivity with time management strategies for project managers like peak productivity awareness, smart delegation, and break time.

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How Instant Gratification Affects the Way We Work

Instant gratification creates pathways in your brain that can impact your actions and decision-making. Exchanging instant gratification for delayed gratification strengthens resolve and relationships....

A apresentação de um projeto é uma etapa muito importante, pois é nela que você vai mostrar todo o seu trabalho e esforço para os seus superiores ou clientes. Por isso, é essencial que você esteja bem preparado e que faça uma apresentação clara e objetiva.

Existem algumas dicas que podem ajudar você a fazer uma apresentação de projeto de sucesso. A primeira delas é conhecer bem o seu projeto. Isso significa que você deve estar familiarizado com todos os detalhes do projeto, desde o planejamento até a execução.

Outra dica importante é organizar bem a sua apresentação. Isso significa que você deve ter um roteiro claro e que deve seguir esse roteiro durante a apresentação. Além disso, é importante que você use recursos visuais, como slides ou gráficos, para ilustrar a sua apresentação.

Por fim, é importante que você esteja confiante durante a apresentação. Isso significa que você deve falar com clareza e projeção, e que deve estar preparado para responder a quaisquer perguntas que possam surgir.

Seguindo essas dicas, você poderá fazer uma apresentação de projeto de sucesso e impressionar os seus superiores ou clientes.

5 Tips to Improve Project Execution

These tips will help you build a strong foundation from the start of your project and keep everyone on track throughout execution, leading to greater success.

Project Information Repository

Project Information Repository

The Project Information Repository (PIREP) is a fundamental tool for managing and administering software development projects. It should be an online database accessible to all team members and contai...