Project Conference News, New Apps: OnePager Pro 5.1 Project Report Builder

Chronicle Graphics’ upcoming OnePager Pro 5.1 release is on display this week at the Microsoft Project 2014 Conference. The semiannual upgrade adds new capabilities for building large project reports that span multiple pages. In addition to the new multi-page features, OnePager Pro now offers a “Where’s My Stuff?!” button, which enables project managers to quickly locate hidden tasks and milestones in their project reports. Chronicle Graphics has also equipped OnePager Pro 5.1 with a new interface that allows third-party application developers to integrate its industry-leading project reporting technology into their own custom Microsoft Project solutions.

OnePager Pro 5.1 is available as a limited beta to existing Chronicle Graphics customers and integration partners, and will be publicly-available later this quarter.

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Project Conference News, New Apps: Advanced Project Integration

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